There are two outstanding Holy Days that are involved in the Church of Notelexus: The Day of Dusk, during Watersdown celebrates the day that St Lucien was taken beyond the point of Undeath and into immortality as the power of the Gods was shared with the High Priest of Notelexus. Every year the higher echelons of the church gather to worship. During the festival the senior members of the Church decide upon the leadership of the church for the coming year.

Slaughterfields takes place during the midsummer festivals that take place across the Royal Basin and commemorates the massacre of the Gabrakian army as it attempted to emerge from Dreff Wood during the First Daemon Wars. To the Notelexian community the Slaughter at Dreff represents the passing over of almost 100 of the most powerful Priests of that time. It is a great honour to bask upon the land where the blood of such Holies was spilt.

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