The Gods, Crystals, Staves and Swords or Altars all bind you to the one path, in which there is no harm. Through our means the strands find us and are directed by us. Only memory guides the body but that is all that is needed for us to find our path.

Numinar Slomes


Guides are an intrinsic part of the magic of the world of Vaklam and the game mechanics of The Chronicles of Daer Akmir. They are full of Story and Lore and are pivotal to the casting of your spells. As you grow in expertise so your guide will grow in strength and bind themselves to your essence until the two become one. They are intrinsic to your development and the greatest users of the mystic arts will have majestic guides of incredible ability and might. 

However: Guides are brand new to the world of Vaklam and as of the end of February 2022 no player in the system has ever seen one.

Where have guides come from?

  • Through the Grand story of the world Magic has changed as two realities collided and the causality of the world has become different.
  • The people are the same and remember the “rules” of magic as they were but are left with a different reality’s version of magic.
  • Our casters now struggle to understand this magic, the Deities are altering to fit the state of play of the world, the Source has come to life in ways unthought of, the Black of the Astral has awakened, the bond between the Felakiq and the ritualist has grown and the legends of the Weave walk among us.
  • The Aberrations, the contacts of the world, felt this power first and have been active for some time but now the Guides of the world have grown in strength.
  • Guides were left behind when the realities collided and had the same function there that they have in this reality but are ghosts of what they were
  • They will come into the world as beings of the realm that they represent and we have had some ideas on what they can be:
    • Focus – The Akarafim – Aspects/Angels of the God.
    • Source – Infernia – Living Aspects of the Source given form..
    • Psionic – Hazjka – The Black – The Awakened form of Astral.
    • Weave – Immortus – The Legends of the Weave.
    • Wyld – Felakiq – The Core of the Gillieabad.
  • These guides, or Nestor as they are known now, aid in the flow of the Magic.

How do I get a Guide?

  • Casters of all types will be taught how to summon guides from the offset by their instructors although the knowledge of how to interact with them remains new and fresh.
  • These guides will learn with their casters about the world around them but be capable of guiding them through spell casting.
  • Should you seek a guide away from the one that you first summon you may separate yourself from the initial Guide and call another but it will take time to nurture its power. 

Do Guides Grow in Strength?

  • Yes: A character can effectively enhance their guide through the shared journey of their development.
  • These developments will be managed by the system and be tailored to the player and the DPC that controls your guide.
  • They will grow organically and be both beneficial and at the same time dangerous to their caster.
  • They will govern factors of the Caster such as:
    • How many unguided spells they can cast
    • Access to the nature of their Aura
    • The exact nature of their unguided spells.


  • When I Summon my Guide, can other people see, hear and interact with it?
    • From an IC point of view the guides are new! Initial summonings have them only speaking to those that bring them forward. 
  • Does Summoning my Guide add to the number of spells I have cast this scene?
    • It does not.
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