My role is to walk among the faithful and lift them, allow them to hear the words of old and grant them the power of the God, walking with the dead beyond the realm of the living and to the side of the Gods. That and so much more…

Jeriah Hollistal, Champion of Ravens

Here we will look at how the Realm Words can be boiled down into aspects of Critical Thinking for Spell Casting:

  • The Casting Briefs are well tailored to a long read and digesting how each Realm operates.
  • From them you can formulate how you interpret the realm that you are casting from as the Core Word around which your spell is cast.
  • When you decide that you want to act magically in the world and you approach the spell you are going to cast how your Realm Word will make this spell the easiest spell you can cast.
  • To that end, here, we will break the Realm Words down into Critical Thinking phrases and words that will help you identify how and where to cast.
  • This does not mean that this the be all and end all of these words but they are a good jumping off point as you get to know the system.


Faith and the Soul

Birth, Life and Death

Bargains and Oaths


Control and Alteration of Magic

Corruption and the Body

Channelling and Daemons


Inspiration and Teaching

Tale and Story

Legendary Actions and their Impact


The Mind and Projection

Emotional States

Harmony and Perfection


The Natural World

The Balance of Life

Shaping the World

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