It is almost universally believed that Fasteron wanted to separate the Fasteryion nation culturally from what he hopes will become the Empire. He wanted the Basin to have an identity as one from which nobility sprung who were born into the positions of power and that the lower classes would follow them initially through loyalty and respect and eventually through tradition. There were names among those that he would have chosen to lead the country as his proxies that are recognisable in today’s aristocracy such as Hertisan and Shadowmane. However, that was not to be the case.

The Lionsblood, Natheron and Torakaylin families were at the time “adventuring families” and all from powerful Earth Tribe backgrounds and were all, unknowingly to Fasteron, a part of the pacting that gave them the power of the People, the Earth and the Faith of the Basin. These Oaths came to light many generations later and were, again, made in the Age of Ignorance. They tied those lines, through the great rites of the Gillieabad, to be protectors and wielders of the Lives of the People of Fasteryion, The Land of Fasteryion and the Spirits of the People of Fasteryion respectively. These Oaths drove these families and the people that followed them to an independent path. 

Of these three families it was the Lionsblood that offered the most danger, outwardly: Their pursuit of power was a strong factor in the introduction of currency, trade and industry into the world and they grew wealthy quickly. The Natherons remained on the outskirts of any organised leadership and cemented their place among the powerful Wyld factions of the land. Meanwhile the Torakaylins were stepping away from spirituality and as it would transpire, pulling the strings that would bring Focus Magic into the world and give strength to the souls of the people and power to the Torakaylin evil. Fasteron was forced to sit back and watch them take up the role of nobility, big houses and eventually build the six Duchies which they unified under the banner of one Monarch.

This put an end to any thoughts of Empire and taking over the whole of the continent which, in turn, meant that Fasteron’s plans stalled and he couldn’t move forward very easily. Eventually, slowly his intentions collapsed and the parts of the Empire, in the main, went back to their owners leaving behind an idea of Basanic culture and sentiment. We believe that the original Emperor went back to “Fasteryion” and died in isolation somewhere allowing the concept of aristocracy that he had built in the Basin to flourish. It was not long after his return that the right to rule fell to the Lionsgolds.

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