Down through the centuries, magic and interference from outside and powerful sources have had extreme effects on the physical makeup of our world. The landscape of the continent of Daer Akmir has been through various stages of change and flux due to the presence of reality altering artifice that had been abandoned here by the world building Angelus and the presence of renegade Dragons, the architects of stars. This has meant physical, positional change of landmarks or their vanishment or new ones simply appearing. 

When the Royal Basin or Fasteryion (Far Steer Aeon) as it was originally called was growing, the world was a very different place and the way that it operated teetered towards Imperialism rather than Monarchy with it having ownership of what is now Rhygahrea and parts of the Iskarani Nation along with interests in the Razorbacks. In those early days we make relation to an Emperor called Fasteron who named the land for himself and sorted the country into three smaller countries which could be explained as North, Middle and South. His appearance occurred in what is now referred to as the age of ignorance and little to nothing is known of his origins.

What is known is that each of the smaller countries were ruled over by three separate leaders who gave fealty to the throne of the Emperor and ceded direct control of the lands to him. They were also bound by the Oath Magic that seemed to originate from the same source of power as that gathered by the original Earth Tribes. Whilst this magic was seen across the continent, in Fasteryion this was dominant. It was the beginning of the power behind the guilds and latterly the rise in power of the Deities and is a huge part of the strength in the Wyld. 

Scholars believe that the point of this exercise was to continue to build an Empire that, although it found its roots in the burgeoning Fasteryion, had already spread far enough to try to consider itself above the Basin. That is to say the Empire’s intent was to encompass territory that would be called Fasteryion in which would be Harthalia, Fasteryion itself, and the parts of the Desert and beyond. Regardless, the armies that enforced things and the growing sense of Source and Focus power were all a part of the Royal Basin and would go on, through the Empire building, to define cultures in neighbouring countries forever.

More information can be found in The Rise of Aristocracy.

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