As a Priest or Holy Warrior progresses through the Church they come to appreciate the responsibilities that fall so squarely upon their shoulders: The day to day lives of their flocks with the problems that stem from family, trade, justice and injustice, aging, death, birth, love and hate. The demands of the Clergy and Church councils to maintain the status quo between the faiths and to ensure that their Church is well represented among the other powers. Evils rise that need to be fought and guildsmen call upon the faithful time and time again for their assistance in miracle and deed of arms. Those that can transcend these burdens and continue on their way are exemplars of their faith, however in a society that provides the world with so many followers of said faith exemplars tend to be ten a blade in many ways. In order to further hone the talents, belief and grace the Clergy gathered to form an order of people to represent the causes of their religions, originally totalling no more than a hundred from each all faiths and called the Harmony of Champions. Through the years since its creation the Champions have grown into a fully blown order where the ways of each Deity are carefully observed.  

A Champion of Duty represents the pride that is carried in the heart of all Tiberiusites and the shield that is their duty to protect the people. Originally these Champions were rare across the Basin to such a degree that the Church tended to allocate them to the largest Churches in each Duchy individually rather than en masse. However, over the years chapters of The Champions of Duty have sprung up, like their brothers and sisters across all of the six Duchies. If Guildsmen are in need then they may be allocated a Champion but frequently they are held back for specialist missions or are sent forward only during times of war. In the meantime, they act throughout the Guildic community in acts of the faith; training, inspiring and leading others that they themselves may one day become Champions of Duty and heroes of the Royal Basin. Their most common role is as a member of a Charter, using the group to travel the lands of the Royal Basin and beyond to ensure that the will of  their God is observed.

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