It is as though all your crafting experience stays with you in the back of your head, thinking, learning with you and waiting, evolving almost.

Excerpts from the guidance of master artificer and relic maker gor gor fagnor
  • The world of Vaklam is one whose story is based in Magic but one that also marries that Magic with the concepts of Technology.
  • This is reflected in the way that the world is presented in fluff, history and story with mechanical devices such as Steamships, Dirigibles, Flying Citadels and Monstrous, Mechanical Constructs commonplace throughout the plot.
  • The visualisation of artisans and engineers in their overalls and goggles alongside alchemists and artificers tinkering in their workshop lends a lot of credence to concepts like Clockpunk, Steampunk, Dieselpunk and indeed Steelpunk.
  • Crafting is a path into having a profession outside of soldiering or wizardry and stands alongside Chirurgey and Hunting, for example, as a valid and powerful part of the Guildic society.
  • Crafting allows a player to fulfil either a complete career in that field, supplementing their income and swelling their own equipment and effectiveness as a participant in the game or it can operate as a support to other endeavours that the player.
  • Crafting definitely leads down a path that requires players to develop unique and interesting phys reps, which they can designate and manage themselves to impact their look and style.
  • Crafting strongly lets people influence the long term development of the game. As a much newer part of the story; their designs and schematics will become a long term part of its future.

What Crafting is:

  • At the forefront of what happens with regard to plot and story alongside the other core aspects of the game.
  • Dynamic, pivotal and capable of making the pivotal difference to a scene.
  • Imperfect and experimental with players taking the role as innovators and entrepreneurs of the techniques they are developing.
  • Living and vital with new concepts being accessible by players as the story develops.

What Crafting isn’t:

  • Just a tool to achieve a plot point on event.
  • Unprofitable and number crunching
  • A Resource Grind
  • Static and unchanging.
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