Before recorded history began, our people relied solely on repeated tales and stories that conveyed the happenings of their time and the wisdom and accumulated knowledge to guide them. As historians we must rely on the retellings of these tales that have been handed down through millennia of generations to paint a picture of our past. Here we focus on the depression of land that is called the Basin before its population and the rise of the aristocracy which came to dominate and control it.

A Land of Opportunity

Beyond the Razorback Mountains at the Northern edge of the Basin we find a barren and desolate landscape which stretches to the borders of the Ancestral Lands, lush and energetic. This, and other surrounding areas, was the birthplace of all nations that can be found across Daer Akmir. That birthing was an occurrence which stems from the event that has so many names in Basanic History: The Night of the Comet, Golden Skies, The Awakening and Fall of the Chosen to name a few. That latter of course speaks to the people that dwelled in those lands before that tremendous evening when the world changed.

The Earth Tribes populated those Lands of the Chosen, and the stories of them speak of doughty warriors and heroes and indeed the very Skagriagaard themselves. They were born of the strength of the Gillieabad and carried that lineage of the first magics of the world. Beyond the Land of the Chosen other wanderers of humanity walked the world but none had the power of those Cardinal Oaths and the duties that were given to the Tribes by the Spirits. These were the people that battled the Void and birthed the legends of history, the source of our strength and the integrity which we, as people of the South, hold ourselves too even now thousands of years later.

When the Nexus came to change the world, the Earth Tribes travelled in many directions to escape the inevitable destruction that would erase their existence and all vestige of these proud people. Those that came South are the origins from which we can draw the dawn of Basanic civilisation and specifically the aristocracy that led us then and to an extent leads us now. The loose clans that existed in the fertile plains that they discovered soon rallied to the banner of the Earth Tribes who were led by ancient heroes. It was these heroes that founded the first of the noble lines, tilled the lands, pulled the minerals from the earth, defending and expanding the borders of this great place of opportunity.

More information follows in The Establishment of an Empire.

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