The term Antiques Dealer is one that was coined in frustration by the famous Merchant Lord of Gamtha, Denzil Keshkabar, in 932 when dealing with Guildsmen refusing to trade fairly over the cost of, clearly looted, goods from the tomb of Serite the Concluder. These “Antique Dealers” were actually a part of the Barakan Alliance, a loose collection of guildic based groups that troubleshot, and tomb raided in the name of the Royal Basin. This alliance offered advanced frontline training for paying members but collapsed in 1267 during the Palak Rebellion in which many were killed. The remnants returned to Vopanderan where they cleared a lot of their books and began a more respectable facility called the Auction House. Despite fierce rivalry from other Charters and various rising Guilds, the House survived and flourished although the opposition fell by the wayside some vanishing under highly suspicious circumstances. Still they continued until the present day where their name is synonymous with wealth and success.

The Auction House turns a lot of profit and still offers its followers the same kind of training as it did all those years ago. However, everything that the Auction House now covers is fully sanctioned and its Antiques Dealers or Auctioneers pay their tithes but equally receive top helm for their abilities and acquisitions. They are sought after but usually grudgingly as they rival the Outriders for the arrangements made to increase their wealth for work ethic. Flattery also pays a large part in their operation; they have made many friends with most of them being in high places, leading to a very healthy position in the courts and among the Merchant Houses. Regardless, there are few in the Royal Basin who operate in such a mercenary manner than the Antique Dealers but equally there are few who are so well skilled.

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