Noble Liaison Officer

Armon was sent to the guild by his family when he was seven in 1982 and has clearly never felt at home in the Guild houses. However he is a noble and a man of duty, his family are bound by their words during the affair of the three screaming maidens of Salian Keep in 1735. It was his great, great, great grandmother who was kidnapped, among two others, by the Sire Raven and the Outriders who alongside Battered Shield members saved her. The agreement for more noble involvement in the Outriders project was honoured since that day and so, here stands Armon. He is a skilled warrior and marksman, his hunting talents are sufficient and, although he does not excel, he has mastered the basics of the mystic tutors. His ambitions within the guild have always been to seek a more sedentary position than field officer and this he has finally achieved as a member of the Guildic Council. In his role as noble liaison officer his duties involve him spending much time away from the guild and in the company of his kinfolk surrounded by the opulence that he believes he should be used to.

He served in the field from 1995 until 2003 when he suffered what was considered at the time a mortal Wound at the hands of the Mandragoran. Fortunately, he was rescued and healed by a skilled Chirugeon from the University who had been mastering the techniques that would allow the healing of Mandragoran wounds. However, it was considered that such trauma, of a partial assimilation, should not be taken into the field and he was given light duties until the death of Lord Jonathan Silverlight whom he replaced as Liaison Officer. He is a staunch supporter of Abbey Belect, despite her early life and many consider this to be a sign that the guild has changed him sufficiently that he can represent their best interests as well as the interests of the nobles that fund the guild. Since his convalescence ended he has shown practically no interest in returning to the field despite his clear ability and dedication once deployed on a mission.

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