Senior Instructor

Born in 1992 Verity is a child prodigy who was born among the guild. Her story is a strange one but explains the reasoning behind her talents: Both of her parents were Outriders, the now deceased but famous Chesterton Wright and Susan Wright of whom the latter was a powerful psionicist with a great deal of potential. The two were married in 1990 after a difficult ‘89 in which Chesterton was nearly killed in a Skirmish with supernatural horrors, this prompted the marriage and undoubtedly the swiftness with which Susan came to be with child however their happiness was not to last. In the midst of 1991 the Guild happened to be guarding a powerful piece of Variscite crystal in their guild buildings in Rendrith where the Wrights were resting. The building was attacked, before the crystal was removed, by creatures from the deep Astral; in the fighting both Wrights were dragged into the Church of the Shining Pulpit. The truth of what happened there is still sketchy but Chesterton did not emerge alive and his wife had been exposed to the direct power of the Church.

When Verity was born she killed her Mother but she bought with her express skills that are beyond the ken of most folk. The Outriders faced an early battle for custody of Verity with the Institute of Contemplation one which, due to both her Mother and Fathers will, they won. Verity grew within the guild and soon demonstrated that she was capable of not only learning skills intuitively but also to implant the thoughts of how these skills work into the minds of others. No sooner had she learnt something then she was able to pass that knowledge on effortlessly. As she grew these skills became more and more apparent and were coupled with an almost eidetic memory; by the time she was thirteen she was already instructing with the guild and now that she is eighteen the role of Senior Instructor seems to have come naturally. The other guild council members tend to keep a strict eye on her as her knowledge is not matched by her wisdom but that too seems to be growing at an alarming rate.

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