• You have chosen Sourcery as your initial magical path
  • All Sourcerers in the Six Duchies are trained in the Colleges even if they end up in later training with guilds such as the Oath or the University.
  • Your choices now are whether you are a Nexian or a Vorokian Caster which are described in the Source Casting Brief.

  • You have Chosen to be Sourcerer your Realm Word is as follows:
    • Nexian Sourcerer: Nexus
    • Vorokian Sourcerer from:
      • Beyleethe
      • Jorven Kel Karenik Veek
      • Ruaeth Kajhar
      • Zartherinyialial
  • Example/Common Support words that you might choose are as follows:
    • Nexus: Control, Daemon, Lore, Banishment, Politic, Purification, Athleticism, Exchange, Chaos and Dominance
    • Beyleethe: Protection, Strength, Resilience, Grounding, Durability, Patience, Structure, Loyalty, Tradition and Order.
    • Jorven Kel Karenik Veek: Destruction, Battle, Fearlessness, Nurture, Power, Leadership, Recreation, Swift, Endings and Fear.
    • Ruaeth Kajhar: Communication, Travel, Lore, Observation, Calm, Command, Empathy, Defence, Wisdom and Inspiration
    • Zartherinyialial: Intrigue, Secrets, Enigmas, Obfuscation, Measured, Espionage, Vigilance, Legerdemain, Grace and Influence.
  • Your starting combat casting choices are as follows:
    • Nexus: Cannot Choose Healing
    • Beyleethe: Cannot Choose Healing
    • Jorven Kel Karenik Veek: Cannot Choose Healing
    • Ruaeth Kajhar: Cannot Choose Physical
    • Zartherinyialial: Cannot Choose Healing

Opening Spells

As a Sourcerer you begin with the Source Buoyed spell and the Buoyed spell of your college.  


Sense the Source

Magnitude: 1

Effect: Once this spell reaches completion the Sourcerer reaches their hand out to within a few feet of the object/person that they wish to examine – If it holds any sourcerous power they will either be informed through the use of Feat Sheets or their spell will be handled by a ref. 

Morrigun College

Comet’s Gift

Magnitude: 2

Description: A simple trick that most in the Order wish to learn as soon as possible – the Sourceror shapes raw Source magic into a rank 1 resource, allowing them temporary access to any mundane device or material that they can fit in the palm of their hand.

Effect: The Sourceror creates the material – within reason; a physrep will be provided though we recommend you provide any to the crew that you wish to be on hand for certain. This item lasts for one scene.

Deriche College 

The Stonesong

Magnitude: 1

Description: Few ever hear the Stonesong, but for those of the Breccia it becomes a second language they know as well as their native tongue. When they speak it, it sounds as though rock grinds against rock and stones tumble in an endless landslide. But for each question asked, the earth has an answer.

Effect: The Vorokian may address up to three questions to any rock, metal or earth. They will receive a response. The inanimate world rarely lies, but it does not always have a useful answer either.

Сливк College

The Blackest Ice

Magnitude: 2

Description: By calling upon their patrons, those who serve the Institute in its most important tasks hide their presence. Those who attempt to scry upon them instead receive only a painful iceburn of headache which bites at the back of their eyes. This dissuades those with the power from prying into what it is they do in service of their Institute.

Effect: The Vorokian is immune to scrying effects of magnitude 2 or less for one scene.

Shadowreaver College

Audience with the House

Magnitude: 1

Description: Calling upon the names of those to whom the Vorokian is pacted, they might request an answer to a single question from their House or from a particular Vorokian that they have met previously. The Vorokian in question is under no obligation to answer, but the House is generally positively predisposed towards those whom are pacted to it and whilst they are not omniscient their knowledge runs deep.

Effect: The Vorokian may ask one question and the ref will supply an answer.

Valordian College

The Trusted Courier

Magnitude: 2

Description: There have been many secrets uncovered by the Order which must be passed on even though its discovery costs the life of the one who found it. Through the use of this invocation, the Vorokian entrusts the wind alone to carry the message, allowing their speech to be carried across any distance to another individual they have met and know well on Vaklam.

Effect: 30 seconds of speech can be carried to any individual the Vorokian knows well. This is usually achieved by use of radios or ref intervention.

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