Guildsmen have been trained across the gamut of skills but none more so than in the art of war; ten a blade are the battlemen and warrior maids in taverns and alehouses across the Duchies. However, the Great cities of the Royal Basin have many Universities, most, like the University of Great Strabain are funded by the Crown and are guided and shaped by that ruling body. The first University was founded in Great Strabain and that city remains famous as a cultural and intellectual centre for all of Daer Akmir. Students and Scholars across the Basin can choose from a wide variety of courses from history to anatomy of science. Of course many become caught up in the excitement of booze and folk of questionable morals and wash out in less than a year. Others however make their way into the world, satisfied with their lot, their heads stuffed full of knowledge as learned academians and Scholars.

Academics are lore masters who have dedicated their lives to the pursuit of knowledge and the implementation of that skill through diligence and devotion. Academics include those who delve into philosophy and magical theory, others who specialise in religious lore and those that become tutors who strive to educate the children of wealthy merchants and Nobles. Some Academics are driven to the edge of insanity by hidden and unusual knowledge, such a path requires great mental fortitude and a willingness to risk discovery by the Faeryn and other powers. Academics are both sought after and revered in most corners of the land; Lore masters and dabblers in the mystic arts they are a rare commodity in an age of swordplay and war. Such training can only be found in the Vaults, collectively upheld by the Guilds of the Royal Basin and maintained through minimum expense and maximum levels of care.

Starting Benefits

  • Lore Adept
  • Three Lores of the player’s choosing
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