As a Priest or Holy Warrior progresses through the Church, they come to appreciate the responsibilities that fall so squarely upon their shoulders: The day to day lives of their flocks with the problems that stem from family, trade, justice and injustice, aging, death, birth, love, and hate. The demands of the Clergy and Church councils to maintain the status quo between the faiths and to ensure that their Church is well represented among the other powers.

Evils rise that need to be fought and guildsmen call upon the faithful time and time again for their assistance in miracle and deed of arms. Those that can transcend these burdens and continue on their way are exemplars of their faith, however in a society that provides the world with so many followers of said faith exemplars tend to be ten a blade in many ways.

A Champion of Justice is one such of the faith of Ekimelahw who stands for the preservation of the Holy tenets of the Lady. They are earmarked for greater things in the future of their faith and are trained to battle the enemies of law, order and the clarity of thought and purpose. Relentlessly they pursue those that would dare to cross the Lady and what she stands for to the end of the road at which they hide and sometimes beyond into realms of power that even the hardiest of the Militia would fear to step into. Through the power of verisimilitude and the taking of the Oath shall the Champion be known and prove their strengths to the Church.

Whilst their core is Ekimelahwian they are not Cavaliers and are specifically taught to interact with the Guildsfolk that they travel with. Some level of flexibility that allows for the complex interaction of the multifaceted aspects of the law through teaching and diplomatic skills are all part and parcel the application of Her teachings and Champions are expected to be versatile in such matters.

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