As a Priest or Holy Warrior progresses through the Church, they come to appreciate the responsibilities that fall so squarely upon their shoulders: The day to day lives of their flocks with the problems that stem from family, trade, justice and injustice, aging, death, birth, love, and hate. The demands of the Clergy and Church councils to maintain the status quo between the faiths and to ensure that their Church is well represented among the other powers.

Evils rise that need to be fought and guildsmen call upon the faithful time and time again for their assistance in miracle and deed of arms. Those that can transcend these burdens and continue on their way are exemplars of their faith, however in a society that provides the world with so many followers of said faith exemplars tend to be ten a blade in many ways.

In order to further hone the talents, belief and grace the Clergy gathered to form an order of people to represent the causes of their religions, originally totalling no more than a hundred from each all faiths and called the Harmony of Champions. Through the years since its creation the Champions have grown into a fully blown order where the ways of each Deity is carefully observed.

“The church of Notelexus is the home of so much ancient power; some of it is bound to Priests and Holy Warriors through the teachings of the Patient Hand. Other power belongs to the ancestors for whom we are the custodians and also the voices and the receptacles of their knowledge and their wisdom, the two having a very clear difference. Beyond that there are secrets so old and powerful that only the dead can hear them safely and perhaps understand them. That, however, is not the end of the power; many priests of many faiths including our own have within their ranks Champions that are drawn to the Faith. As a Champion of Ravens, it is my duty to represent all that is our belief in the purest of ways, there is no need for Churches nor for litany where a Champion walks. With us walk the Ancestors of all times, their words nothing more than a breath away, a breath for us so quickly taken but for them something not felt in hundreds of years. My role is to walk among the faithful and lift them, allow them to hear the words of old and grant them the power of the God, walking with the dead beyond the realm of the living and to the side of the God. That and so much more…”

Jeriah Hollistal – Champion of Ravens
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