Many people will attempt to damage the reputation of our Colleges, specifically the Sourcerous over the lesser Elemental Houses, some by propaganda others by magical manipulation. It is the duty of every member of every college to oppose and route out those that would harm the standing of the Colleges.

Every incantation that is taught to you represents your ability to manipulate the gentle weave of magic that surrounds each one of us. Once you have learnt to control that weave you are expected to use that power responsibly. Sourcerous power is not for show or the entertainment of the common folk. This is the realm of conjurers and prestidigitators, we are Sourcerers and we control the raw powers of Chaos and the elements.

We are not guilds, we are Colleges. We represent a faculty that has been established for over two thousand years. We are not a loose collection of half-trained rabble. You few chosen to walk our halls were chosen because you were considered to be the best and most able of your brethren. You will act accordingly.

Control of the chaos of Sourcery is our most sacred and guarded duty.

Daemon kind must be opposed at all costs, the lives of a few innocents are a small price to pay for the safety of the land.

We are the bedrock of the College of Controlling Power and we will act as their staunchest supporters.

The control of Sourcery is the greatest of arts and we will allow no others to belittle us.

You will show all deference to the rigid guild system of seniority showing respect to and obeying the instructions of those above you in the chain of command.

Nobility and Leadership

The Royal Basin’s leadership is made up of hundreds of nobles who are, in kindness, trained to understands the rigours of court but have little understanding and knowledge of the deeper mysterious of the world in which they live. If you are born noble and have chosen to come here to learn then you are wise and you will benefit from your own training regarding the interactions with the upper echelons and with our training you will be able to perceptualise the paths of power that flow around you. Your duty will be to climb as high up the political ladder as possible that you may allow the College more direct influence over the safe development of the Royal Basin. Those that are not born into noble families but wish to follow this path are encouraged to affiliate themselves to a powerful noble house as advisors. They are to achieve the same role as a noble Sourcerer but are to displace any non-college advisors that already have a direct ear to that house, forcing them back to the court level.

Guildic Involvement

There must come a time when any Sourcerer is active in the field; it is our duty to learn first hand exactly what the members of Guilds that support us go through. Equally it is our duty to continue to oppose the Daemon Foe and research the remnants of what they and other threats have left in this world. Finally and perhaps most importantly the continued defence of the Basanic Community through all levels is easily achieved as servants of the Iron Table. As operatives of that establishment we will be thrust into groups of uncoordinated Guildsmen and it is our duty to ensure, through leadership and guidance that these groups operate as well as physically possible. It is always wise operate surveillance of these types as they are the most likely to be susceptible to the promises of those from the Shadowed Lands.

The Lower Echelons of Society

Nobility and the like are, in fairness, well informed but the small folk and the middle ground merchants, traders, workers and other businessmen are not so. We should all, regardless of the role that we have achieved for ourselves, build into our routine a situation where we give ourselves a chance to mingle with these people regularly. Lectures in town halls on the basics of what is out there in world is most commonplace and successful when passing on this knowledge; if we can forewarn them then they can be armed, at least in some small way, against the corruption that so easily fills the world. Finally whilst moving amongst the people we seek those that have the talents that are so valued by the College but whose wielders are unaware that they have such power. The gifts of the College does not care for rank or privilege only skill, power and control.

The College Abroad

There will come times when we are required to travel beyond the confines of the Royal Basin; at these times it is important to remember who we are: Our duty is to protect all of Daer Akmir but it is also to preserve the purity of the Nexus and drive out the corruption that the Kaytaar bought to it. However it was Kurt Nagerson and his followers that delivered the truth of power to us and it is the only truth. Whatever has been learnt in lands foreign should be accumulated as knowledge forms by the College but understand that it is, in all likelihood, false or in its own way corrupted. It is imperative that we return with this information whilst at the same time preserving our own knowledge so that it cannot be corrupted and passed on without our control. Threats to the Royal Basin must be opposed at all times.

Words of Morrigun College

We Guard the Void!

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