The Order of Nov were the Fourth Order to form; our histories state that it was our duty to try to draw links and parallels between the magics that were birthed by the Source.

To unlock the Void


In the earliest part of the histories of our College we remember steering away from the teachings of Nagerson and Kyranry in our efforts to understand the Source. Our research and delving theorise that the route and source of our power gave birth to the alliances of the Gods and presumably to the awakening of the world of Kethlan and to the power of the Psionicists. It was also overshadowed by the then heretical approaches of Mantacism and Ionic powers which the Sourcerers of the time tried to unravel. From out magic sprang all other base realms and it was Sourcerers that procured the research to allow the form of the magic to change. The order of Nov continued these obscure studies and performed the mastery of ritual. Our history shows us that we are responsible for the earliest experiments in the exchange of the powers of the Base Realms that led to the current guild of the joining and that we have become integral to the eventual expansion of the College of Controlling Power.

Leader of the Order of Nov – Panlink Irn

Born 1322. Panlink is a mysterious figure, very little is known of this rune mistress. She developed many of the techniques that are used in the guild today, as a Basanic Eaölf she has been part of the College for almost 800 years, and has proved her abilities time and again. She spends much of her time locked away within heavily warded chambers and is known to have manifested several daemonic aspects that have made her heavily paranoid. She has dropped fieldwork all together and no longer attempts to expand her powerbase through the harvesting of Daemonic essence.


It is our duty to learn and understand the majority of other base realm powers and to eventually master them. We travel the land, often with other groups searching out the old ways and the old mysteries. We understand that the Source is the Source of power but we do not know what caused the split and the change into other forms. If we can understand this key sequence we can understand the power of the Nexus itself and our mastery over the manipulation over the core of the magic will be complete. The knowledge and the lore that will one day unlock the power of the comet itself lies within the remit of the Order of Nov and one day through perseverance we will uncover those truths. Until that day we follow the code of the guild; after that day perhaps the Code will change.

Areas of Power

Cross Realm Casting

Manipulation of one realm through skill in another

Investigation and Understanding

Understanding and use of various forms of corruption

Centres of Power

The Tower of Nov is located in Shriekspire and was part of the original construction of the site when it was cleared for erection. The Order rely heavily on specific materials that are common in the Bitter Vale to construct the amulets that they prize for use in the holding of runes. Despite its unassuming appearance the College’s power is tangible and viewers that patiently view the area around it can, if they are lucky, observe fluctuations of the power that flows here which should not be normally visible to the naked eye. This may be, rumour many, that the original building of this edifice took into its use Arcana Stone gifted to them by the College of Controlling Power.

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