As Milan Al Zanen En Renik Al Kar taught us there are no words of service that we can offer to any mortal that would have any validation. The words of our lives are given to us by the Gods when we are born, some chose to hear them, some chose to be taught them by the faithful. Others, still, ignore them but we of the Azure Order embrace and live them. Truly, we are blessed by our own divinity as much as we are the faith that is placed upon us by the Priesthood.

There are three Oaths of dedication that a member of the Order must pledge and then adhere to:

The first, as indicated above, is an oath of the members own wording and choosing that swears them to the Order. The phrasing and content of the Oath is usually considered over a long period by the speaker and then submitted to be personally perused by one of the Lord Protectors (Almost without exception it will be the Lord Protector of the Faith to whom service is to given). If the Lord Protector believes that the Oath is true and from the very soul of the writer they will hear the words. Oaths are encouraged to be short, concise and from the heart although it is universally agreed that these things are not mutually exclusive.

The next Oath is taken to all recognised Basanic Deities; to respect and adhere to the traditions that they may place upon you whilst in service to them. To keep the words that are spoken in the presence of their followers to yourself and to never repeat them, to protect those you are in service to and to defend the alliances of the Gods.

The last Oath is to be taken in dedication to a recognised Basanic Deity, Angel or Archangel. To be one of their followers and instruments, to uphold their ideals and beliefs not only in reverence to that power but also in homage to the Clergy and as an example to those that surround you.

That member must take the Oath of Faith to up hold three chosen tenets of the Holy Warriors of the faith that they follow alongside the common tenet; Thou shall preserve the Church and the tenets of thy deity, bowing to those Pure of Faith and obeying their enlightenment in all things.

The member of the Order will swear the Oath of Protection that swears them to protect unto death any follower of the faith that they serve, who travels in their company. This Oath stands as long as the follower of the faith continues to prove their purity. The member of the Order can only be in the service of one follower of the faith at any one time.

The member of the Order will swear themselves to assist and offer aid to any follower of the faith that they serve whom they encounter on their travels. This oath stands as long as the follower of the faith continues to prove their purity.

When in the company of another member of the Azure Order then and only then may any secrets relating to the faith be spoken. These secrets must be kept by members of the Azure Order at all costs.

“If there is any doubt left in the souls of the followers of the Order that there are enemies of the clergy and of the faiths of the world then let them be cast aside. The enemies that we face upon the field tomorrow have taken a light out of the world imperilling the spirits of many thousands who serve the Pantheon. Do you believe that those that have dedicated their lives to the preservation of the Churches should fall here unprotected and unchampioned? I have foreseen that should the Gods fall from the heavens then a great plague will sweep across the land. A new faith will spring up from the remains of the old and all shall become as one under the thrall of that which brings all together. We will train as warriors, battalions of us from our ancient edifice in the great wastes of the desert. When the time comes we will call upon the favour that we have earned from the Gods and drive back this evil before it finds us and makes an end to our people as individuals.”

Milan Al Zanen En Renik Al Kar – On the eve of the march of The Fox Queen –

Words of The Holy Temple of The Azure Order

We are the shield that faith provides.

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