The reputations of the Order and the Company are extremely high. Our heritage dates back to the time of the first Kings and the traditions of loyalty and of excellence date from then. Professionalism, individuality within a group and self-discipline have long been watchwords that have supported this reputation. All of us must live by them and in the case of any rank of commander set example of them through leadership.


In situations where you are required or ordered to use lethal force by circumstance or by a commanding officer, it must be understood that you have Royal Writ to do so. It is your duty to do so and equally your duty to risk your life and the lives of those who are part of the Order and the Company.


The morals and values by which we live our lives are designed to inspire the smallfolk and the great alike. Whilst they are the spirit of the lion upon the battlefield so to are they the gentleman’s demeanour when dealing with others. Our beliefs and values apply at all times whether in the Guild House or in the taverns of the Great cities.


We must stand face to face and toe to with our enemy, weapons high and shields to the fore and we are an Order and the Company. All the warriors of the Order and the Company are part of a unit in which all must play their part or we will face failure leading to poor morale and poor discipline.


A commanders effectiveness depends strongly on the trust of their troop. This trust is developed self sacrifice and the placing of the group’s interests ahead of your own.


The Beliefs and Morals that are outlined here are what hold up the Order and the Company, they must be constant in all members and engendered through the ranks by group cooperation and excellent leadership.


The Order and the Company are not designed to facilitate the individual that has chosen to join it. Instead, it is designed to encourage a soldier to accept whatever commitment is placed upon them by their commander. The words of the Oath are written to reflect this commitment in a brother and whilst it does remove some basic levels of freedom it strengthens the bonds between the Soldier, their companions and the Realm itself.


Across a battlefield, often against overwhelming odds, fear becomes a dictating figure within the ranks of any body of warriors. Better in the long run, by far, than any Tiberiusite or Naedite miracle is the discipline of that body of warriors. Battlefield discipline is essential and stems from the self disciplined of a well controlled and well ordered life. It should be applied when working within the guild and outside; respect for authority and the law should be understood and employed at all times.


To function as a unit each and every member must hold to the same principals of integrity as the last. Trust is still the common denominator that brings a group together as a whole and such trust is easily eroded in the face of lies and deceit perpetrated by companions. Commanding Officers are responsible for setting the highest examples of integrity and maintaining the function of their unit through these examples.


Before oneself and even the Brothers, comes the loyalty that we have to the Royal Basin, our Fellow Guildsfolk, and its peoples. Loyalty is what holds us together in even the darkest of daemon days. It sets aside gender, race and belief and creates a band of family from individuals that would otherwise find no normal commonality. In return for the loyalty that you show to the Order and the Company so will it be shown to you in times of need, the ranks of this guild close firm and fast around those of its brethren in need. Senior officers as much as the rank and file will show this loyalty to one another at all times and in all situations.


As servants to the Royal Basin and all of the people that dwell within it one of our primary tasks is to respect every gamut of our society. Every member of the Order and the Company should be willing to place the rights of others before contemplating upholding their own.


All members of the Order and the Company are subject to the criminal laws of the Royal Basin. These laws are applicable to them no matter where they are stationed or serving. It is their duty to uphold them and to extend the ideals that the Royal Basin holds itself to through that action. When engaged in the theatre of war a member of the Order and the Company is held accountable by the law of that country nut will be protected by the Guildic officials who would deal with due process.


No members of the Order and the Company shall venerate any one God more than any other. Of the nine true Gods of the Heavens all shall be venerated equally and the Spirits of the Wild shall be feared as one.


The Order and the Company teaches all of its guild members to be highly skilled and effective soldiers who are capable of extreme acts of physical aggression. Use of these skills outside of Guildic duties in a direct abuse of privilege, intimidation, victimisation or to invoke unlawful behaviour is unlawful and detrimental to guild morale.


Regardless of the camaraderie felt between battle brethren, the traditions, jokes and occasionally bawdy nature of soldiering life it is vital that we conduct ourselves respectfully when in civilian society. This regulation extends itself into other Guildic circles and particularly when around Clerical or Sourcerous individuals.


It is accepted that all those that take up the crimson must exercise the highest standards of professionalism as befits their rank and appointment at all times to safeguard our prowess on the battlefield and, ergo, the lives that we protect and also the reputation of the organisation that you represent. However, we must remember that we are still Guilds folk, a part of the armed forces that represents itself as reserves and irregulars when we are not supporting the Iron Table.


As part of the Royal Basin you are obliged to keep any information that comes to you under Royal Edict as paramount to the security of the Royal Basin and those that you protect. As such this information is considered top secret and is not to be passed to any other individual than who it is marked for.


Our services come at a cost, whether that cost be material gain or for favour or promise we extract our price. Once a month however a member of the Order and the Company may exercise the rite of Shiryan and may work for any member of the smallfolk for no cost.


Daily rations of alcohol are prescribed in each Barracks and Guildhouse and should be adhered to unless orders state otherwise. Abuse of alcohol or substances illegal to the Royal Basin is considered unlawful and offenders will face legal action.


The Order and the Company will never harm the Kingdom that exists within the Royal Basin. Dukes and Lords may fight and we may be called to kill for them but we must never rise against the throne.


Individuals who fail to uphold the regulations of the Order and the Company may be subject to disciplinary or administrative action. Unacceptable conduct requires prompt and positive action to prevent damage; timely advice and informal action can often prevent a situation developing to the point where it could damage the effectiveness of the guild. A decision will be made regarding what action will be taken by the senior ranking officer and measured by the guild regulations with punishment varying from fines and imprisonment to termination of service or execution.


The Order and the Company demands a high level of commitment and self sacrifice from every soldier and every officer that it governs. You are no longer citizens, you are Guilds Folk and you are required to maintain these standards and act upon the duties that are put upon you by your superiors.

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