Protect the weak and the innocent above all else, bringing hope and freedom to the world, not just the Royal Basin.

Revere the will and the word of Naed, apply his wisdom and his teachings to the problems that you face each day.

Show respect to all other clergies and faiths, denoted by their activities and their attitudes towards those that you are charged to protect.

Allow no cause that is pure to our God to go un-championed, allow no soul to be un-shepherded and seek those that need your aid.

Follow the doctrine and only take life if it is written or you are forced to do so. All life is sacred.

Do not grow arrogant or allow your faith to overcome that which is the soul you were born with, do not fear that you will turn from Naed’s side.

The risks that you take shall be an example to others do not fear to allow your heart to guide you and your faith to uphold you.

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