Members of the Guild will obey the laws of any land that stands for non-tyrannical conduct.

Members of the Guild will actively support the folk of any community against threats that they are unable to cope with without.

In any situation where the folk of the community are under threat and in all likelihood the guild member(s) will perish defending them, it is the priority mission of the guild member(s) to ensure that a message for assistance is sent before any heroics are attempted.

Members of the guild will offer each other support and assistance wherever possible. Any animosity between guild members is to be taken before a senior guild member and arbitrated fairly.

Guild members will strive to seek out powers that threaten the sanctity of the land and defeat or imprison them wherever possible.

Members of the guild will conduct themselves as befits respected members of the Royal Basin, they will not be seen to bait senior members of society or engage in thuggish or brutish behaviour.

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