Yarriannites spend their days carrying out the will of their Goddess, tirelessly and without complaint. They tend to the sick, travelling the streets to administer aid as well as operating within their temples and hospices. They council those that have lost loved ones or are simply dealing with difficult aspects of their lives and require someone to listen to their woes. Three or four times a day the priests organise food runs into the poorer districts of the cities, towns or regions in which they live, distributing not only food but warm clothing and bedding that has been donated to or brought by the church.

During times of War the Pilgrim decamp as one to the fields of battle trailing behind them cartloads of tents, philtres, medicines, shovels, litters and the power of prayer. During this time they tend to the wounded, listen to the horrors seen by soldiers to ease their guilty and bring the purity of Yarrianne to those stained by war. During times of peace the priesthood travels to richer cities or city areas soliciting monies to support their church.

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