The Lady of Love, The Gentle Hand, The Calm


Kalashinka: Kikl

Orcs: Moryan-Dash

Fae: Witholonor


A Feather



Healing, Peace, Serenity, Mercy, Benevolence


Beauty, Love, Passion, Romance, Vitality, Family


All those who seek to bring harm to others for selfish or cruel means

Divine Seats

The Vale of Peace


The Silent Fields, The Halls of Plenty, The Lands of Grace, The Realm of Passion

Yarrianne (Ya-Ree-Anne) offers succour and mercy to those that are in pain or suffering due to injury or happenstance. She is the healer of flesh and bone, mind and spirit. She is the beauty in the world; she is the guardian of children and the inspiration of love and Romance. Where there is war she brings peace, where there is anger she brings calm, where there is poverty she brings benevolence. She is the much loved, the carrier of your burden, she is the purity; she is the best in all men and women. Yarrianne is a kind, good-spirited goddess with an easy smile and a warm, inviting sense of humour. She is the pacifistic Goddess, taking no hostile action during times of war, she prefers to spread her word through the good actions of her followers and the belief and hope that this brings.

It is commonly considered that Yarrianne is the strength of the triumvirate of the Gods of the Morning, keeping an uneasy peace between Naed, Tiberius and the lesser deities that populate that pantheon. Whilst Naed and Tiberius are both deities dedicated to the cause of the Rising Sun they have deep-seated differences that only a skilled negotiator and diplomat such as Yarrianne can keep below the surface. She also acts as the voice when speaking with the courts of the day, Ekimelahw, Terref and Bethylak and through that court into the one of the dusk. However Yarrianne has no warmth for the goddess Rayvahn who opposes every aspect of Yarriannite portfolio and unlike the clear links between Notelexus and Yarrianne no commonality can be found between the two powers. Their clergy, however, differ in that they are forced to act together.

On her visits to the mortal realm Yarrianne has taken the form of a perfect being, viewable to each race as one of their own, clad in the purest white satins and silks. Her voice is said to move the listener to tears and her eyes have had the most vocal of romantic suitor’s tongues tied in knots. Her followers dress in simple robes, often of white or lighter blues, with the symbol of the Holy order emblazoned clearly about their outfits. Her clergy is made up primarily of Hospitalliers, who are the favoured of their Goddess, although a number of Priests always populate the churches to carry out the more day to day aspects of its function. A number of Tempered Blades are also known to travel the land, clad in their shimmering armour, acting as swords against the abominations of Rayvahn, life and those that would blight the innocent.


The Yarriannites are charged to help all those who are in pain and are suffering, offering mercy and taking the burdens of these ills upon themselves where necessary. The Yarriannite dogma is a difficult one to live up to, whilst they are allowed to fight in self-defence it is against the code of the Yarriannite to initiate any form of violence as this would indicate a giving way to hatred, anger and violence. To this end Yarriannites stick to the doctrine of diplomacy and pacifism as part of their code when faced with any hostile situation.

Yarriannite dogma has been somewhat bastardised over the years, the words of Yarrianne have been interpreted a hundred different ways but the Priests have discovered that the majority of what is taught is incredibly incompatible with the rest of the world. To this end beliefs of peace and unity are placed after thoughts of family, which are extended in a metaphysical sense to the groups in which a Priest travels. That is to say that in any situation where a priests comrades find themselves at odds with another group the priest can act in favour of their comrades without immediate moral dilemma based around the proposal that the group to which they belong is in effect their family unit. Such interpretation often results in much meditation as the priests attempt to reach serenity but maintains a certain status quo that would otherwise be unattainable in today’s society.

“Persevere in the face of pain; heal the sick, the wounded and the plagued. Comfort the dying, the grief-stricken and the heartsick. Take on the burdens of the pains of others, Champion the cause of the Passionate and the Romantic and give shelter and council to the lost, the lonely and the ruined. Pursue the work of Yarrianne; spread the wealth that is provided to her amongst the impoverished and the broken and bring beauty and life to those for whom these things have been shattered and taken. Protect the families, the children, the parents and the old, allow no bond of passion or love to be broken by unscrupulous means. Take up the tasks that no others would dare to do with a glad and happy heart.”

From the Holy Tablets of Grace


Tythoria, Archangel of Peace

Deals with pacification primarily, also the resolution of combat and the rectification of “bad blood”. A Priest that has called upon Tythoria to be their patron is responsible for preventing the escalation of a situation towards combat and the clearing of bad blood after arguments leading to the resolution of friendships.

Saffyri, Archangel of Healing

Protector of the home and the innocent, firmly against the causing of pain and suffering and will fight for the defence of the innocent and what is rightfully yours. A Priest that has called upon Saffyri to be their patron has offered their service in the healing arts. Their duty is to offer succour to those who are injured and if they cannot offer triage to the wounded they must attempt to get them to someone that can.

Zutor, Archangel of Serenity

Dealing with the process of inner thought pursuing the art of peaceful measures over violent means. Also dealing with the extension of self through peacefulness, calmness and quietude. A Priest that has called upon Zutor has dedicated their lives to becoming one with their inner self through the art of meditation. They must also learn to show others how to focus on their inner harmony, teaching them to meditate and to garner strength through peacefulness, calmness and quietude.

Jerenerus, Archangel of Benevolence

Dealing with the extension of wealth and good will to those in need and poverty. Reward for suitable endeavour and the sharing of good fortune and prosperity. A Priest that has called upon Jerenerus makes it their duty to protect the poor and needy through the collecting, sharing and extension of wealth. Those that wish to offer such supplication to the Goddess are to be rewarded by the servants of Jerenerus who will be blessed.

Sumelian, Archangel of Mercy

Dealing with the application of mercy through forgiveness and understanding to those that many would consider to be unforgivable. Also to absolve the sins of the faithful and to administer aid and assistance to those in distress. A Priest that has called upon Sumelian to be their patron is now responsible for hearing the sins of others and offering them forgiveness for such sins. This applies mainly to their flock and companions; any confession is treated as confidential and to speak of such knowledge openly is itself sinful.

Angels of Power

Amolyin, Angel of Love

Deals with the bringing of happiness and the joy of love. More specifically is created to deal with negative emotions and stand against Hatred. A Priest that has called upon Amolyin is responsible for battling the negative emotions that affect day to life. They are called upon to give uplifting speeches and inspire their flock and companions through the gift of love and the beneficence of positive thinking.

Aroseria, Angel of Beauty

Dealing with the appreciation and cultivation of beauty both aesthetic and of deed. Beauty of the soul and the spirit and the admiration of those that spurn vanity for truly handsome inner self. A Priest that has called upon Aroseria to champion them becomes responsible for cultivation of beauty both aesthetic and of deed. They must tend to the beauty of the soul and the spirit and the admiration of their flock and companions.

Beuronous, Angel of Passion

Dealing with passions found in the joy of a subject, occupation or hobby to the achievement of a final product that is borne of the soul. A Priest that has called upon Beuronous to be their patron has taken on the mantle of teaching others to express their passion through their art, hobbies or profession. They are to guide their flock to veneration through the skills that they possess to worship the Goddess.

Aseala, Angel of Romance

Dealing with the art of True Love, tenderness and the forming of bonds through mutual shows of feeling and affection. A Priest that has called upon Aseala to be their patron is responsible for teaching their flock and companions about the beauty of True Love and how to express the interests of the heart to one another when this occurs.

Gudjor, Angel of Vitality

Dealing with the strength of body and spirit through the application of appropriate prayer and concern for one’s body, remembering that the gifts of health are Yarriannes domain. A Priest that has called upon Gudjor to be their patron is responsible for the physical and spiritual wellbeing of their flock. Through prayer and proper motivation in the name of Yarrianne they will strengthen their religious resolve.

Makon, Angel of Family

Dealing with the ties of love and resolution of dispute between that most sacred of groups – family. Also dealing with childbirth, children and the old and infirm. A Priest that has follows Makon is responsible for watching over the families of the flock and companions who fall under their remit. The deal with the resolution of dispute between that most sacred of groups, family they also deal with childbirth, children and the old and infirm.


Yarrianne is served by a number of Lesser Powers that can also be worshipped by Priests and Ley Followers, these powers have fallen under the remit of the Lady over the years and given their power to increase the strength of The Gentle Hand

The Demi Power Finydan

Known Powers

Fertility, Children, Wellbeing

Allied Powers

Yarrianne, Misholo, Daysor

“It is to the children we must look. All that is to be, all that could be; they represent both the best and worst of us. We must insure the best aspects are nurtured till the worst fades to nothing. The innocence of youth must be protected at all costs. To die in defence of the young is no ill or sad thing. They shall live on and make a world even brighter than it was before.”

Defending the young is the primary concern of all followers of Finydan. Whilst they view all life as precious it is children they protect more than any other. It is the sworn duty of all Finydan followers to defend and if necessary die to protect the young of any race, be it human, Eaölf, Orc or otherwise. Many of those who set up funds for street children or orphanages in war torn areas are followers of Finydan, even if they aren’t aware of it. She smiles down on those who teach youngsters how to be better people, how to overcome hardship and encourage them to go on and help others when they are grown. It is believed in life she ran her own orphanage before being chosen to ascend as a power under the protection of Yarrianne but her full story is lost.

Another area she specializes in is that of fertility. Couples not blessed with children can take comfort in her and her followers words if approached and sometimes come away only to realise shortly afterwards that they are pregnant. Whilst not a sure thing it is thought those truly deserving of the gift of young shall not leave a place of worship without her gifts falling upon them. Some come away angry that they have not been chosen, she once offered an explanation;

“Some come to me because they wish to carry on their line. Some come to me because they wish for extra hands for a farmstead. Some come to me because they know their lives are incomplete without a child and wish to love and cherish it with all their hearts. Who do you think I give the gift of children to?”

In order to aid her followers in their defence of the young she gifts them with curative magics that require no chants, sacrifice or payment.

An ancient fertility statue was chosen to be the holy symbol of Finydan. This is because regardless of religious leanings, political standpoints, species or country of birth, if you wish to defend the young she will stand with you regardless. A religious festival takes place in the Spring every year where her follows don flowered garlands and sky blue robes to give thanks for the coming year and to bless those currently with child or wishing to be that their young are born strong and healthy.

The Demi Power Misholo

Known Powers

Ethics, Philosophy, Morals

Allied Powers

Yarrianne, Finydan, Daysor

“You have chosen to follow me Mortal. Interesting. Why might I ask? Some come to me seeking hidden knowledge. It is within my gifts to grant you such, but why do you seek such things? I seek what lies in your heart and mind. What governs them? What drives you? Think on these things till you are certain of your soul. Only then shall I be certain of you.”

It is the responsibility of Gods to guide their followers down what they deem to be the correct path in day to day life. Often they do this by laying down codes, laws and tenets that they demand their followers adhere to. Not so with Misholo. She does not force scripture and doctrine on them. She prefers to watch and judge those who claim to work in her name and give rewards if they are true to her without the need to be forced into doing so.

Ethical dilemmas, opposed philosophies and situations that might call upon them to break their own moral code; these are the times she tries to aid her followers. She wishes them to stay to the true path, not only because it is the morally high path, the righteous and thoughtful, but also because that path is true to their own nature. If they find themselves swaying from it, she understands her ways are not theirs and shall cease to watch over them.

Whilst she has never said to her followers what the true path is those with good intentions and an immovable moral compass are those most favoured by her. In exchange for this mystery and secrecy in regards to her own workings she blesses those who follow her with secrets of the world that might otherwise remain unknown to them.

The followers of Misholo wear her sacred symbol without fear in the Basin; a woman of great balance blessed with an air of divinity. On Watersdown 1st her worshippers gather together to have great ethical debates across the country. Those observing would view it as a gathering of philosophers rather than believers of a deity.

The Demi Power Daysor

Known Powers

Renewal, Regrowth, Family Oaths

Allied Powers

Yarrianne, Finydan, Misholo

“The care of one’s family is not the purview of sentient beings alone. Does the Wild Dog not defend his mate in their den, the simple Blackbird sit upon her eggs through the storms and tempests of the night? All family are sacred, all bonds to them, imposed by your own nature or the growth of ties between you, shall be upheld and when damaged re-grown one hundred times stronger so that none shall break them again. Grow, learn, love, persevere; it is all I ask.”

Oaths are sacred, be they enacted with words, deeds or written to be preserved for all time. To break them is to be devoid of all honour, a symbol to the world of your failings as an individual, untrustworthy and despised. Yet so often oaths are broken and punishment is not forthcoming so many forget that they are judged for all time by those who are ever watchful.

Daysor watches the oaths between family, both the family that births you and the one you make for yourself; the friends you keep close, the comrades you stand with in battle and the leaders you look upon to guide your actions. Unlike many Gods he does not instantly judge those who break their oaths; family is about forgiveness. To blunder and fall from the path is a mistake, to not mend the damage done is the true sin. He asks his followers to seek out those who have broken their oaths and not made amends before the followers of others such as Urus find them and enact vengeance. They must do all in their power to raise the Oath breaker up again in the eyes of their family and repair any damage done so that peace is restored and if possible re-forge the oath into a stronger one to stand the test of time.

A simple nest is the symbol for this God, with a cluster of eggs at its centre. The eggs are individuals bound together by their oaths of kinship, the nest, which defends them from the rest of the world. The 8th of Earthnew is an important date in the Daysor calendar; followers are asked to make an Oath to a member of their family which they shall fulfil in the next year. When the oath is fulfilled the family of that believer holds a small feast celebrating their bonds and the strength between them.

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