As a Yarriannite there are some clear guidelines that are to be followed; as a Holy Warrior or Tempered Blade you should follow the code below. This code is the guidance by which you set examples to the world that you strive to protect, a Tempered Blade is the shining example of the faith, one who is given great power by the Goddess and to break their tenets would be to break favour with the deity and lose not only the power that she has gifted but more, the very purity of their souls. Following these tenets are a guideline to how piety works and how, as a follower of the faith, your piety can be increased and decreased at the whim of the Gods.

Tenets of the Tempered Blades

You will preserve the Church of Yarrianne and her tenets, bowing to those Pure of Faith and obeying her enlightened in all things.

You will never strike the first blow of battle in anger.

You will never refuse the art of healing to the sick or injured.

You will attempt to avert battle or combat through the art of diplomacy and the power of Yarrianne before allowing lifeblood to be placed at risk.

You will never receive reward for fulfilling or undertaking your sworn oaths to Yarrianne.

You will never lie, cheat, steal, murder nor defile or profane against any mortal soul.

You will control your anger, jealousy, hatred, pain and viciousness and instead act with mercy, compassion, love and forgiveness.

You will not suffer abominations against life to prevail, no Undead, nor Daemon, nor any other that exists through the stolen grace of others to bring harm to the light.

You will seek to spread the wealth and gifts that Yarrianne sees fit to provide, bringing aid and assistance at every opportunity to the poor and impoverished. No morsel shalt pass thy lips until the hungry be fed nor no coin be spent till the poor are clothed less Yarrianne grants ye rest.

You will offer mercy to any who call for it in battle and to those that are unable to call for it. Thou shalt act as a shield to those that deserve mercy but receive none from a lesser being

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