Many of the duties of the Terrefians is to ensure that festivals are observed, to govern entertainment in major cities and towns and also to perceive the needs of others and fulfil that need; some need intelligent conversation, others to observe games of skill whilst others to indulge in wine and food. They are well loved among the populaces of The Royal Basin as long as they are well treated and respected. They are also employed as advisors to heads of state and to the wealthier business folk that can afford their aid. Wise folk amongst the ruling bodies of mercantile operations and cities give hefty donations to the Church on regular basis and often find their ventures well blessed. The Priests of Terref often do battle with the Church of Notelexus over the reading of wills and collection of land and materials in return for great blessings in the afterlife.

Despite their activity at the font of business activity many of the Terrefians that take to the road, or the adventuring life, They roam the roads of the Royal Basin accompanying bards or minstrels, sponsoring them, joining them and arranging performances for them at taverns and halls that they pass. Often joining adventuring groups they travel the lands seeking out lost lore, composing their own epics about the journeys that they find themselves embarked upon and sharing in the tales of others.

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