The Charmed, Walker of Ten Paths, Merciless Mother, The Two Faced


Kalashinka: Tikkli

Orcs: Shakle

Fae: Lady Liyer




Merriment, Luck, Entertainment, Trade


Travel, Weather, Wealth, Bards and Music



Divine Seats

The Theatre of the Heavens


The Realm of Dreams, The Counting houses, The Eternal journey, The Endless Day

Terref (Teh-Ref) is ever changing, ever moving, and ever alive. She embodies happiness, freedom and joyful movement. She is a vibrant and vivacious deity with a will to get things done. She loves arts and the realm of discovery alongside wealth, not for the sake of money but for the comforts, conveniences and opportunities that it brings to her and her followers. She likes the fast paced bargaining of the market place and the cut and thrust of commerce. Coupled with this Terref is the ultimate performer: self-confident, inspired and possessed of a total recall of anything that she sets her mind to.

Terref’s faith is one of the most common through the Basin, in particular as it caters most heavily to a highly mobile, relatively wealthy and intrinsically powerful group who live by their wits and luck; the adventuring community. Terref is fickle but playful and rarely shows her vengeful side although if she chooses to be malicious her wrath is a powerful beast. She loves merriment and festive occasions and revels in the song, dancing and rumour that stretches across such events. In particular she loves the open road and all that can be learned upon it and before the council of Tharinos would often depart the heavens to travel her favourite highways, stay at her most treasured inns and trade with those that she knew would be met along them.

When she appeared upon the world Terref appeared as a beautiful young with golden spun hair and two golden coins for eyes. She wore the finest gowns of the current fashion and knew all of the latest tales and melodies alongside the old and the classic. The clergy of Terref is predominantly populated by Priests although Bards, Mediators and Wayfarers are also commonplace among her faithful.


Terref teaches that mercantile trade is the best road to enrichment. Increasing the general prosperity of all buys ever-greater civilisation and happiness for all intelligent folk bringing everyone closer to a Golden Age of peace, music, laughter and joy. Terref is the merchant’s friend and bids that those that follower her shall destroy no trade goods in either deed nor word. To say that all grapes from The Ferns are poisoned is to blaspheme in the eyes of the Goddess. The faithful should give money freely to beggars and to business alike to demonstrate the bounty of the Goddess and the wealth to be gained through service to her and to increase the free coin in everyone’s hands.

Terref is also a goddess of creativity and inspiration, music, laughter and joy, she teaches that a great time of prosperity is coming to the world that will bring about an end to the horrors that have been seen over the last few centuries. Whilst this age will come through the joys of wealth it will herald a time of great happiness. In this time to come the world will need the gentleness of mirth and the strength of happiness.

“Worship me and you shall know wealth. To guard your funds is to venerate Terref and to share them well seeds your future success. Call on me in trade and I shall be there. The bold find gold, the careful keep it and the timid yield it up.

Life is a song. Strive always to make it more beautiful, destroy no music nor instrument and stop no song, performance or entertainer before their time is done. Spread the teachings of song and music and allow the works of past and present to fill the hearts of all those that pass you by that Terref’s gifts may be remembered and fill the world for all time

From the words spoken to the Ten Travellers in the third book


Gildor, Archangel of Merriment

Dealing with activities that are entertaining or amusing and the causing of joyful gaiety, mirth, hilarity and laughter. A Priest that has called upon Gildor to be their patron is responsible for the development of activities within a flock or group that maintain the aspects and factors of joy, happiness and positives.

Karshek, Archangel of Luck

Dealing with the force that seems to operate for good or ill in a person’s life, as in shaping circumstances, events, or opportunities. A Priest that has called upon Karshek to be their patron has offered their service in the pursuit of luck and its application to a situation. They are responsible for teaching their flock how to best use what they know to survive in day to life and act according to the guidance and sense of the Lady of Fortune.

Marparaha, Archangel of Entertainment

Dealing with something affording pleasure, diversion, or amusement, esp. a performance of some kind or hospitable provision for the needs and wants of guests. A Priest that has called upon Marparaha to be their patron is now responsible for providing their flock with the lessons that Terref brings through the act of entertainment. To hold ones attention and to bring the learning that the priest has achieved in their life.

Darshankson, Archangel of Trade

Dealing with the act or process of buying, selling, or exchanging commodities, at either wholesale or retail, within a country or between countries. A Priest that has called upon Darshankson has dedicated their lives to becoming a paragon of trade. Ensuring that trade agreements are prepared correctly, honoured and that fair play is ensured in all business arrangements. Equally they are responsible for ensuring that goods are of the correct quality.

Angels of Power

Zulant, Angel of Travel

Dealing with the act of travelling; journeying, esp. to distant places. A Priest that has called upon Zulant makes it their duty to dedicate their lives to the art and wonder of the journey. It is the responsibility of the Priest to encourage those with a will to travel and by that travelling spread the worth, faith and tales that come with the Church to far lands.

Tikkalan, Angel of Weather

Dealing with the control and telling of weather, the reading of signs in storms and the use of weather in agriculture. A Priest that has called upon Tikkalan represents Terref’s affiliation with the Tao of Kethlan. They may be called upon to control the weather and prevent devastating damage to crops and villages alike. Equally they are called upon to observe the power of the Spirits of the Tao and to read the will of these powers.

Quiron, Angel of Wealth

Dealing with the storage of money, valuable possessions, property or other riches. Also an abundance or profusion of anything, a plentiful amount. A Priest that has called upon Quiron to champion them have dedicated themselves to the need to gather and protect an abundance of things. Their duties are to teach their flock to overcome their problems through using possessions of great value, riches and bountiful things.

Porotylokijare, Angel of Bards and Music

Dealing with the patronage of those who compose or recite epic or heroic pieces often to the accompany of musical instruments. Also the expression of emotional from through the elements of rhythm, harmony, melody and colour. A Priest that has called upon Porotylokijare has taken up a duty to allow the stories and tales that empower Terref through their service to give strength and power to those that tell them. Specifically they take it upon themselves to patronise those of the bardic community and the temperance and committed memory of their songs and stories.


Terref is served by a number of Lesser Powers that can also be worshipped by Priests and Ley Followers, these powers have fallen under the remit of the Lady over the years and given their power to increase the strength of The Merciless Mother.

The Demi Power Falyan

Known Powers

Safe Roads, Fair Winds, Plentiful Inns, Fair Prices

Allied Powers

Terref, Misorth and Holort

“The journey, if took well and in a good frame of mind, is full of the shine of the sun and the blessings of the lady whether there be rain outside or wind or blizzard. The Fair winds are in your hearts, your prayer, your mind’s eye.”

There was once a woman who travelled the paths and villages of the Royal Basin because she loved to experience all that the lands of Daer Akmir had to offer. Let the story tell more; she was a Doctor of the University and a teacher and in her lessons the pupils of her class learnt much of the people that they would one day interact with. She was invaluable as a mentor, as an academians and as a person, so much so that the University found her to be indispensable to their needs. At the highest point of her career she came to realise how little she truly knew of the world, its ways and the people in it and she made efforts to gain a bursary to pave her way on a trip that would take her across Daer Akmir and return the better for it. The University refused saying that a trip of such length would take years to undertake, she argued that in good weather, with good roads and the like she would make admirable time.

The likelihood of such fair weather seemed unlikely as far as her seniors were concerned and she was denied. However she did not give up lightly and within weeks a bargain was made: Travel the routes of Daer Akmir within 100 days and it would not only be allowed it would be paid for. Falyan spent her time before the journey deep in prayer to the Goddess and her prayers were heard; so intense was the faith of the lady that the avatar of the Mistress appeared before. What pact was struck we cannot, as Priests, speak to. What we do know is that the great feat was a success. Falyan travelled the roads of Daer Akmir in less than 100 days and returned to the University in a great pageant. She died of great old age having made strides in the fields of Anthropology at the University and her spirit? That soared to the heavens to take its place at the side of Terref. Now the followers of Falyan are an organisation within the Church dedicated to travel and the well being that comes with the knowledge that is gained through that travel. She guides those that travel her roads and brings those that trade in her name fair winds and good favour. Falyan symbol is a sun that drives back clouds and warms cold bones.

The Demi Power Misorth

Known Powers

Songs, Composition and Performance

Allied Powers

Terref, Holort and Falyan

“Inspiration is the hardest dream to seek but when you find it, it brings in its wake the power of fame and that meteoric rise to stardom. Inspiration, though, comes with a terrible cost, one that lies behind the worthiness of success. Are you prepared to pay it?”

Misorth is said by many to be the most powerful of the demi powers of the heavens. Should she choose to speak to you and you choose to hear her voice it is known that you will become her reflection upon the world. So strong will her presence be within you that your words, your song, your art be remembered for all time. Her inspiration is a rarity however and often bargained for in the most dreadful of ways and few will make the sacrifice for what is the truest expression of their devotion to the craft. In that respect she is both feared and loved should she make that choice to interfere with your life.

Whether she was ever mortal is debatable, many believe that she was created from the songs and stories of her followers or from the greatest stories that were ever written. This has led to a plethora of tales regarding her creation and her attitude towards her followers. The ladies priests are forever at work, creating, crafting and striving for that excellent tale to spring forth from quill or lips and are highly sought after by theatres and opera houses. In return for the patronage of her Priests the establishments are expected to become a minor centre of her worship.

Misorths symbol is a musical note but in some way it always reflects the danger that is involved with calling upon the power of the Goddess to gain the fame that most seek.

The Demi Power Holort

Known Powers

Whores, Depravity and Ecstasy

Allied Powers

Terref, Misorth and Falyan

“Indulgence, as a passion, is the only power.”

“Holort is my inspiration: I make no excuses for my behaviour nor the fact that I have been arrested on no fewer than seventeen occasions on my evening sojourns through the various capitals of the Duchies. My devotion to the Lord of Whores gives me a channel for the darker part of my soul and keeps me focussed on my day to day activities as a Merchant Banker. To have that pleasure, that release gives me the power to steer my life in the direction that I want it to. I have done things that you would never dream of too things and with things you would balk at and yet I am successful, powerful and I am happy. Am I an addict? Yes, yes I am and it is that addiction that gives me the remit to be this person”

Acrin Volston, Second most powerful Merchant Banker on the Copper Table

Holort has always been a power in the world, his passions are the what many consider to be the darker parts of our more carnal nature. His priests however are the channel for that power, believing that the revelry and embrace of that side of our personality is as important as that which society accepts. Mastery of that power within us leads us to a path will bring us joy through our own potential as we overcome our inhibitions and embrace our misconceptions of self. Worship of Holort takes place anywhere there is an indulgence of joy and entertainment that can be reduced to its basest form. Holort is worshipped loudly but away from the common man in Shibeen, whore houses, private clubs and other dark and alluring places by both working man and social climber. Holort’s symbol is a widening line with an orb at one end which represents the exploration of one’s inner soul.

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