You have been trained well, such services are not inexpensive. You are to be paid well and better than others around you. You will never accept payment after a mission. All funds to be paid up front. If people feel that you might not be able to complete the mission and offer ½ now and ½ later, doubt their motives. Two primary concerns: Do they believe that you are too inexperienced to complete this task, is it a suicide mission or set-up? Are they casting dispersions onto the ability of an Outriders Guild member? Report either concern to the Guild before you decline or accept the mission. If you fail to complete a contract all money that you were promised will be paid to the client. If you are asked to protect an individual, object, area e.g. with your life place a monetary value for that mission at least double the value of: The value you believe that your skills to be worth The cost to the Holy Order of Tranquillity to protect your soul and the movement of your corpse to such a location. We are primarily designed and sponsored by Merchant Houses and the nobility, our priorities and policies are clear.

Basanic Merchant Houses: When you join the Outriders you will pick a merchant house to be your sponsor. Upon joining they will offer you 10 Helms sponsorship. From then on you will wear their badge and colours with pride. They will always be your first priority, above even the guild itself. Any mission undertaken for that Merchant house will be at the value they offer without negotiation. The Nobility of the Royal Basin: These are our second priority. When you join the Outriders pick a Basanic Noble house and they will be your benefactor house. They will provide you with accommodation in the city of your Guild house. From now on you will spend 5 days of every month training members of the houses free of charge and will prioritise their missions over other noble houses and those lower on this list. The Crown: Any missions undertaken directly by the Crown are likely to be highly dangerous which means we cannot question thier motives. The Military: The armed forces are expected to get the job done on their own. If we have to be hired we must be given the temporary rank of Captain. The Battered Shield: They are our benefactors and as such fall into a special category. Assistance is to be given and expected to/from them on mission without interest in charge or recompense. Payment for missions put to us by the guild fall into two categories one as a mark of respect and the second because nothing lasts forever.

Each year the guild may ask each member of the Outriders for a demonstration of their skills for free. It pays to advertise. In all other matters the Outriders offer a 50% total discount to missions put forward by the battered shield. Anyone else who doesn’t fit into this category. We do not work for any enemies of the Royal Basin under any circumstances save Royal Decree. Any criminal uncovered and captured/killed by the Outriders is handed to authorities cannot be claimed in bounty by ancient tradition; this is not an excuse to shirk duties such as ridding the land of banditry that would threaten our merchant investors. During time of War the Guild handles all monetary issues of Guild Members. If you fail to complete a mission the guild will investigate, if you are found to be the cause of the failure you will be fined 10 Helms by your guild and your next undertakings finance will be handled by the Guild. If you are found to be liable for the failure of three missions you will be expelled from the guild.

Words of The Outriders

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