The first Guild buildings that the guild used were donated by the House Dumor and comprised an abandoned Fire Building and next door coach houses in the City of Great Strabain. This remains the main guild building although the Outriders now own the surrounding area and have constructed there a great temple to the past. All of our experiences and our honoured dead are there, waiting to teach the young and the old alike, touching on strategy and skills that we have long studied. From there the network of estates have blossomed out from Strabain and across the Royal Basin usually supported by the Merchant Houses and the Orsai Bank. There are several standards and ranks of Guild buildings ranging from the standard Chapter Houses all the way down to supporting way houses.

Each of the Chapter Houses covers the same extensive training program and any updates to one of the buildings is sequenced through to all others. No chapter of the Outriders has any precedent over the others and any guild member is welcome at any other. However, the Chapter Houses are not the only place that we may find refuge. Like our comrades in the Battered Shield we have long fostered good relations with the keepers of Inns and Taverns across the land; few Coaching Inns are there that do not keep horses and hearth prepared for a visiting Outrider, most carry the guild emblem above the door and know that this is enough to ensure both their safety and our arrival.

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