The powers of the College began in a state of Council and from that Council sprung two Colleges, the first of which was the Order of Fae’A’Ryn; the Daemonfoe.

The line unbroken


The forbidden archive contains the ancient knowledge of the beginnings of our order but it is shrouded by the protections of our oldest magics and the depths of the Nagerson Tower itself. The crucible of war against Sarkith that created us led to a young but powerful weapon that burned bright and hot and one that we took into battle against the like of Pydathay and Orbolom; great Daemon Generals. Here we tempered that weapon and took from our enemies the strength that they possessed and made it our own. The sacrifices that the great Kurt Nagerson gave for us and the knowledge that he returned with from the city of Staves has meant that we can take that corruption into ourselves and use it for our own end to battle the Daemon Foe. Time and again our history is littered with the crusades that we have taken into the Shadowed Lands and the armies that a handful of us have smashed. Equally we have fought on the home front, weeding out the corrupted Sourcerers, the Daemon Worshipers and burning the villages that they hide in to the ground.

Leader of the Order of Fe’A’Ryn – The Magister

Born, unknown. None see The Magister save his two aides who pass his word from the depths of the Tower of Fae’A’Ryn to the Archmages that effectively represent him on the council. Even his aides are shrouded figures whose voices are sibilant whispers and presences chill the bones of those who encounter them. Many believe that The Magister is an ancient Sourcerer who is more Daemon than man who spends his time in chains upon a great throne communing with the comet itself. Others believe that it is Kurt Nagerson himself who dwells below, thousands of years after he vanished. Others still believe both to be true. The truth remains shrouded in mystery but the words that echo forth are edged with power and direction; few would question them.


The duties of the Fae’A’Ryn is clear: To hunt down Daemons and their followers, to destroy all that they have touched and leave no remnant of their passing. To sieve through the blood lines of all beings and eradicate those that have the taint upon them and to seek the power base of the Daemonic overlords and destroy it. To seek the Souls of our enemies as they flee the world and to imprison them within the Foci that we are taught to make and to claim that power for our own. To accept the gifts that the rituals of transfer give us and to control them as a weapon that will destroy our enemies and to accept that the corruption they bring will eventually make you one of their own. To accept that when this day comes, when the purification rituals no longer work, you will have completed your duty and served Nagerson to the last of your strength and to accept the destructive power of your brothers that your soul may empower them.

Areas of Power

Destruction of Daemons

Longevity of life

Power through mastery of corruption

Interrogation without conscience

Maintenance of the Purity of others

Powerful Boons from Corruption

Centres of Power

When Maryat fell the great tower built by Nagerson was moved, as if by some force of will and now inhabits the Melanic Grove in the centre of the new capitol, Haven. The Tower is ancient in its design and is said to have been constructed from stone quarried from sites sacred to the Skagriagaard long before the coming of the comet. It is isolated from the rest of the College buildings and surrounded by protective markers that were built when the city was created. Few can approach the Nagerson Tower without feeling the touch of Daemon Fear in their hearts.

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