The Order of Thurid Quek were the fifth and final order to be given licence and many say the last. They are loremasters and keepers of the sacred knowledge’s of the College.

The words of the past to unlock the future


There came a time in the history of the College that we came to realise that the ages of Corruption and Ignorance had caused a great deal of damage to the very heart and integrity of the organisation as a whole. Great swathes of information and knowledge had been stripped away from the institution; some locked away for fear that the information would damage those that came to know it, some simply lost in battles with Daemon Kind and others whilst some we had simply lost the ability to understand. Thurid Quek, the founder of our order, was tasked with the duty to collate, uncover and return knowledge and information to the Masters of the CoCP. This duty we have upheld, accompanying the Ithyarn and the Fae’A’Ryn on various pogroms into the Shadowed Lands and the hearts of cults in Daer Akmir; here we have recovered knowledge at great personal loss and brought it back to our libraries. from there we have spent our time unravelling the secrets that will guide all the Orders around us to the greatest purpose for which we were created.

Leader of the Order of Thurid Quek – Harbind Stone

Born 1980. Harbind is an odd addition to the rulership of the College; She was appointed due to her outstanding knowledge and ability to manipulate the realms of magic. However she is young, happy go lucky, beautiful and, rumour has it, often engaged in amorous relationships with younger members of the College. Her hedonistic ways and lifestyle often threaten her position but her skills are invaluable and she knows it, often flaunts her position and activities in front of Archmages and the like. She is a firm favourite amongst students and certain individuals but still represents the interests of the College at all levels. Outside of the College she maintains the levels and standards of decorum that have been demanded by its leaders since the dawn of time. Her ability to change her demeanour swiftly is a frightening thing to behold.


Is it right to abandon the pursuit of magical development for the knowledge that once we had? This question is frequently asked of us by our peers in the other orders. They do not realise that their power, their diversity and their continuing fathoming of new and wondrous gifts comes from our devotion to the past. It is difficult choice; to seek the knowledge that we have lost rather than to gain in the powers that we already but to be Thurid Quek is to be a servant of the College but at the same time a master of the development of those around you. We are old, if not in flesh but at least at heart, we who seek the past but if the Kyranite is the heart and the Fae’A’Ryn the breath, the Nov the soul and the Ithyarn the Blade then we are the mind of the College and in truth we dictate all of its actions, all of its futures and the direction that its power will flow.

Areas of Power

Mastery over current Lore

Mastery over Lore beyond the realm of the Colleges

Greater Knowledge of Elemental Realms through study

Influence through knowledge

Skill in artifice and creation

Elemental Dominion

Centres of Power

Quek Tower is located in the centre of Haven and comprises several wings of the collected libraries of the Colleges. It’s Southern Wing joins directly to the College of Controlling Power buildings shielding the Archmages from sight as they scurry back and forth to check with the Sourcerers of this order and the Tomes of Wisdom that they guard. A more public section of the Tower is open to Guildsfolk wishing to gather information of a basic level to assist them in the field and has proven a popular destination for fellows of the University of Great Strabain and followers of Bethylak. Their interest is most likely fuelled by the presence of some of the forbidden archives that rest somewhere in pocket dimensions, protected by words of power, in the vaults of the Thurid Quek.

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