Lord Meistersinger

Prior to the assassination by the Mocking Bird Lords he held the title of Lord Kobzar, or at least someone of the same name and race held the title. He was described by Avery as a “very serious and dour old man” when he was the Lord Kobzar yet those who know him now say that he is filled with diligence and enthusiasm but is unhappy holding the rank of the Lord Meistersinger

At the time of the Assination the role was held by Marsten Told, Human Meistersinger. An old man, almost blinded by age, with a voice more melodic than any that have been heard before. He was indeterminably old and equally as wise, in his early days he is said to have been a great warrior of the Battered Shield but his story is one that he generally kept to himself and though his deeds with the guild are great the tale of his life is a mystery. Marsten was dying at the time Avery Path fled. It is believed that while he holds the name of Lord Meistersinger he does not hold the powers of it which are:

Keeper of the Erald Scrolls
Speaker of the 5 words
Master of the vitae of the third
Bearer of the white

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