Lord Bard

They have called her the last hope, they have called her salvation and they have called her the end of the end of dreams. Born in 1900 Fraje is a young and extremely passionate woman. She is embraces all sides of her emotional personality but she embodies the ethos of the academy itself with great ferocity. For many years she was always willing to take on the tasks, missions and undertakings that seemed to be lost causes where other members of the guild could find no reason to risk their lives. Her ferocity in the face of those that would cause harm to those unable to defend themselves was inspirational and many agents of the universal enemies of the Academy found themselves incarcerated by her efforts. In 2001 she was given the role of Lord Bard by her peers and has served to the best of her ability.

However in 2007 when her homeland Helgath fell to Orbolom the Daemon Lord she took on a darker edge that has cause fear in many and earned her that title, The end of dreams.

At the time of the assassination the role was held by Alicia Goldstones, Human Bard. Only forty one years of age when the attack took place Alicia was born in the guild and stayed with it from the moment of her birth until the moments of her presumed death. She was an attractive lass with strawberry blonde hair and a sultry smile. To disguise her name and position she often went by the pseudonym Opaque. Following are the associated words and powers of the Lord Bard:

Circled by the sleeping knives
Mistress of the long beating heart
Walker of the 15 mirrors
Keeper of the Then that is Now

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