The Cardinal of Tiberius

The Church runs on an elected Council of Four who deal with the running of the faith, whilst their authority is absolute their position is elected each year and when Dieron returns they will stand down without question.

Harua is around thirty years old or at least she was in 2014. She is known to have been born somewhere in the Deserts far to the West of Egaria and was discovered at around the age of eleven by Seshmet and Battik in their days travelling as the Silver Brotherhood. She was already adept with a blade and fierce in her passions for Tiberius, even capable of performing miracles at such a young age. Despite her feral nature she was recovered and returned to the Church although she spent much time in Fort Northman with the Brotherhood. Over the years she has made leaps and bounds as a Tiberiusite and now has at least one foot in the civilised world, her natural aptitude has pushed her to the role of Cardinal although perhaps we will never know the truth regarding her background.

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