The Abbot of Tiberius

The Church runs on an elected Council of Four who deal with the running of the faith, whilst their authority is absolute their position is elected each year and when Dieron returns they will stand down without question.

Orch was born to Tiberiusite parents in 1985 and is the model Tiberiusite, displaying the qualities that would be extolled by any who saw him. His parents position in the faith saw him catapulted through the rankings swiftly but he is a man in his own right that does not rely upon the strength of others directly to carry him through. He appears on all major battlefields, acquitting himself well and tends not to boast of his deeds to others. On the Council his voice often speaks to the course of action that will bring the Tiberiusite Church closer to a unified council although he prefers to see the Council in a higher position.

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