Born in 1496 Jesial has been a member of the guild since he was a boy which is a very long time for Lairdan Gan. It is believed that his ancestry comes from the Mountains to the North, perhaps in fact from the very bosom of Lairdan Gan development in Essen itself. That truth, though, is lost in the twilight of centuries that have passed since his birthing and his lifetime within the guild. Through the long years has Jesial served the Guild, he trained long and hard and by the time he was 100 he was serving with several fighting groups and ranged across the lands. During this time he is said to have mastered every weapon that he came across ranging from the slimmest Dirk to the most powerful bow, these skills are what bought him to the attention of the senior members of the Guild and made him the instructor that he is today.

He has fought in almost every battle and war that has been seen in his lifetime and brings to the table the plethora of that experience. In truth he is the only member of any chapter house throughout the Shields long history that has trained with every weapon and also the only one that has become proficient with all the fighting styles of the Guild. In all matters Glashants advice is sought, whether it is the building of a new chapter house or a forthcoming battle. This has made Glashant a very familiar face across the Chapter Houses and the face that most non-Guild members associate with the Battered Shield.

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