The Finders of Secrets Held Below the Ground

Nothing passes the eyes of the Breccia, no matter how deeply hidden or how far down it is buried the Breccia will find it and use it to strengthen the position of the Guild.

Truth is stone that paves the way to wisdom

Head of the Department of Lore – Tular Zol Grethaorn

Born in 1903 in the Arrowgate Verge Tular began his career as a Skald in the Beldarashian colonies, wandering from township to township he accumulated the stories of his people swiftly but found the act of embodying the story something that he could not quite grasp. The longer he remained among his kind the more he realised that they could never fill his head with the stories and knowledge that he sought to fulfil his life. So he moved on, joining the great insanity that is the Royal Basin. Upon arrival he was approached by the College who sensed his arrival and great link to the fundament. He has never looked back. Through the College he has a well ordered and calm lifestyle that grants him access to new planes and knowledge that he would not have had the privilege of in his own homelands. His ability to retain knowledge is exemplary and his cognitive processing is without question allowing him to apply his knowledge with impunity. Since his time with the College he has expanded his skill base, becoming far more articulate than his life a Skald allowed him.


The strength of the College, as we are masters of incantation, comes from the understanding of the lore upon which our magics are built. However much of this knowledge is lost even to those who give us their tuition and beyond that secrets are kept by those with power to retain that power. A principal of openness and a directive to seek the truths that would further the above ends are something that the Breccia have taken to all levels of their lives, be that social, political or professional. To this end the Breccia have become those that seek truth for the benefit of the guild, truth about the histories of their people, the betterment of the individual and for the furtherment of the laws of the land. Often feared and always respected they hold a place in the College and in CoCP society as peacekeepers and custodians of inner security issues. It is a place for Grakarn and Kal-Takar with the Azonte Brek that watch over them.

Areas of Power


Law and punishment


Observation and Understanding


Alongside the Code of the College we follow a specific list of Duties and general orders that keep us within the remit of the College:

  • Passing on all Law, Lore and knowledge that will prove useful to the furtherment of DeRiche College, the College of Controlling Power and its other supporting Colleges.
  • Deciphering the truth and validity of any newly discovered or researched lores and facts and ensuring that nothing that has no purchase is worked from.
  • To seek the truth in disciplinary affairs within the College and adjudicate on any internal trials, providing sentence for punishment.

Azonte Brek House of the Echoing Caverns

Lord of the House: Polikarata Jadeheart

Owing Fealty to: The Shining Tower of Ruby Gold

Vassal Houses: The House of the Onyx Sight, The House Silver Swords, The House Platinum Hearts

Specialising in: Concealment, Power (Magical), Observation, Understanding

Enemies: The House of Bitter Winds, The Order of Quickened Lightning (Outlawed Elementalists Guild)

House Symbology

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The house carries a black star on a white background.


The House of Echoing Caverns are a house dedicated to bringing knowledge and understanding to the Shining Tower of Ruby Gold. Their ranks are filled with scholars, sages and keen observers of other races culture and outlook. This knowledge and observation is channelled towards the advancement of the Stone elemental adaptation of the magical forces that exist in their plane. Whilst the pursuit of knowledge is something to be admired within the house their unwillingness to share the information with outsiders, including houses not allied to the Shining Tower is legendary. They are regarded as an arrogant and egotistical house who believe that their own grasp of Sourcerous (specifically the manipulation of Stone magics) far outstrips any others.

Expected Duties

Pacted members are expected to spend their time deep in closeted research, observing and recording their findings of new and interesting subjects. This knowledge is eventually to be applied to the furthering of the Sourcerous arts so research should lead in that direction. Any knowledge gained in this way should only be shared with the College of Stone, its members and of course the members of the house of echoing caverns.

Pacting to the House

When a character joins the Breccia Chapter they become pacted to the House of the Echoing Caverns and are expected to follow its ethos. It is to this house that you will owe your duty in return for the strength and powers that they give you. With them you will perform many duties and see your power swell as the pact between you strengthen.

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