Lord Poet

At the time of the assassination the role was held by Iyre, Kalashinka Skald. Iyre came to be the poet of the group because she is said to have made the art of death like a sonnet. The killer, the ender, the finisher, her dark killer’s eyes said everything at meetings that her mouth did not. How she was killed at that meeting is unthinkable. She was rumoured to have links with the Hunters guilds and their safehouses.

The path to the items Iyre has hidden are present in the Hall of Enlightenment. Avery Path knew that she had returned to the hall. The spirit of the path told us that she was taken by the Merlin and that when she returned she was changed. She hunted for them. She followed the Lord Author, Battle Standard, as he fled and the spirit of her path told us that she had killed him.

Arm of the divine well holdings
Keeper of the sands of Harnows fate
Dweller within the Three Gold Circle of Azanis College

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