The Oblivion Mages

The Kashan Chapter serve the House of the Primal Flame and are dedicated to the art of battle and war, protecting the Royal Basin fearlessly from its enemies.

Burn away the Fear, Burn away the Doubt.

Head of the Kashan Chapter and the Department of Response – Malistroi Hesfenee

The third head of this department in ten years Malistroi (born 1532) is one of the furthest travelled people known to exist in the Royal Basin. She was originally born in Egaria almost 500 years ago and is known to have scoured every inch of Daer Akmir, there are also rumours that she has served as a pirate captain in and around the Teeth, waged war in Helgath and visited climes that even the most experienced explorers have yet to even hear of. Her recall by the College came a surprise to many due to her general experience in the field and the general need for leadership in the field. However her take over has pushed the limits of the Chapter to an even higher standard and level than before and what the College has lost by the presence of one has been gained by the training of many. She is famed for having no sense of humour and an iron fist when it comes to discipline, something that is reflected heavily in the silence of her classrooms.


The Kashan Chapter are the warriors of the College, attracting mainly the Terrukh to their ranks but you will also find the occasional Zemyok keenly training in their arts. The Kashan are tested on a daily basis, pushing themselves through endless drills to not only prove their skills but also to wipe away fear. Throwing themselves time and again into the fire, never knowing if their power will expire before their task is done and they will be ended in its embrace, in this way is their terror eradicated. Zaek Haqire attend the Chapter at all times teaching it’s members the fierce and tireless arts of their warriors and how to harness the power of the sacred flame to enhance the incantations of the Chapter to create more dangerous and destructive effects. Few complete the training of the Kashan but those who do are fearsome folk to encounter and worthy of the respect of any of their foes.

Areas of Power

Release of Anger through Destruction





Alongside the Code of the College we follow a specific list of Duties and general orders that keep us within the remit of the College:

  • Protection of the other member so of the College during the execution of their own duties
  • Answering the call to Battle that the CoCP will put out during times of crisis
  • To lead missions operated by guildsfolk from the various guilds should no other College Official be present

Zaek Haqire House of the Primal Flame

Lord of the House: Krizok Milik Ondron Kahn

Owing Fealty to: The Kingdom of the Sacred Flame

Vassal Houses: The House of the Bloody Shields, The House Battle Scars, The House Flaming Suns, The House of the Scorched Earth.

Specialising in: Destruction, Power, Strength, Battle

Enemies: The House of Gorton, The House of Lembar

House Symbology

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The house carries the symbol of a burning sword on a Black background.


The house of the Primal Flame are the soldiers of the Kingdom of the sacred flame, fierce, loyal and strong they revel in battle and the chaotic, destructive power of their element. They are extremely attuned to their element and revere it more so then any other Zaek Haqire house a fact that they covet, wearing it as a badge of honour. The house of the primal flame are a warrior caste, when the battles of the planes are not taking place then they are the most commonly seen across the charred planes, hunting and seeking adventure. They are often found in the mountains of Charn seeking the legendary deplorable fortress. They expect no less from those who would share in their strength and their powers.

Expected Duties

Those pacted with the House of the Primal Flame are expected to be ready for the call to arms, when the lands of the Sacred Flame are in danger then it is the time to answer the call. They are also expected to be ready to assist any of the packs of Zaek Haqire that spend their time roaming Jorven Kel Karenik Veek seeking adventure and danger. Most importantly the house of the Primal Flame expects all of its devotees to be ready for battle, armed and armoured.

Pacting to the House

When a person joins the Kashan Chapter they become pacted to the House of the Primal Flame and are expected to follow its ethos. It is to this house that you will owe your duty in return for the strength and powers that they give you. With them you will perform many duties and see your power swell as the pact between you strengthen.

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