The Wanderer’s Home

Trayvarn Chapter is allied to the House of the Devoted Servant; we are the servants of the College and the Diplomats, free to move and travel, messengers and secret carriers.

Words can enflame a situation far better than any incantation.

Head of the Trayvarn Chapter and the Department of Lore – Petchko Gizan

Petchko was born in 1971 ppw and excelled in the fields of Lore and Glyph work. He combined the two successfully in his field career which came to a dramatic close in 2001 when he accidentally destroyed the Laash of Vreen in a devastating implosion! At this point he was approached by the Guild of the Blending (joining) and learnt a fair measure of mantic power that has been at his command ever since. Despite his successes there he never settled and spent some more years in the field assisting in the wars of the Cataclysm and surviving but only at the cost of his appetite for battle. Returning to the College he applied for and gained the post of Lore master and has remained ever since. His lectures are an animation of exciting recantings of his own experiences lavished with lashings of historical prose.


Trayvarn Chapter came into being when Tryse Trayvarn delved too deeply into the broken house of the Devoted Servant. On that day he and he alone learnt the oldest and darkest of secrets of that House and swore to protect them. What he discovered has shaped our course and action; we are messengers, travellers, wanderers and diplomats but most importantly we carry the secrets of the College, the Guilds, the Armies; whoever it is within Basanic society that we are responsible to. Through fire are those secrets kept safe and through enigma the lores of our people are preserved. It is also our responsibility to maintain relationships between the other nations, Colleges or peoples of this land; sometimes that relationship should be kept at an even temperature, fair enough for all to enjoy at others it may be the desire of those in power that it boil over or perhaps the removal of heat to leave only an ice cold. Whatever is required of us, those Remyrukh, for they are more plentiful than Zemyok, that serve the Chapter will provide.

Areas of Power

Runes and Languages



Enigmas and Secrets


Alongside the Code of the College we follow a specific list of Duties and general orders that keep us within the remit of the College:

  • Maintenance of diplomatic relations between Shadowreaver College and the other Guilds, most specifically the CoCP
  • Assistance of the KRO through code breaking and message passing whenever requested
  • To support College Missions and to represent the College in Courts and through passing knowledge across the Realms.

Zaek Haqire House of the Devoted Servant

Lord of the House: Korzad Del Drik Moronto

Owing Fealty to: All Zaek Haqire Houses

Vassal Houses: None

Specialising in: Runes, Travel, Diplomacy, Communication

Enemies: The House of Kordred Mar and the House Belshiriad

House Symbology

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The House carries the symbol of a dancing flame.


The House of the Devoted Servant was shattered in a war between the Azonte Brek house of Kordred Mar and the House of the Shackled Beast (as the Devoted Servant was then known.). Due to acts of loyalty performed by the house of the shackled beast the lord of Sacred Flame intervened to save the house but forced them to swear a fealty to all other Zaek Haqire houses. Now the house of the Devoted Servant acts the diplomatic envoy between the Sacred Flame and all those beyond the realm of Fire. The Zaek Haqire born into this house have the task to serve those of other houses but the freedom to explore and travel beyond Jorven Kel Karenik Veek with impunity, a gift that they and those that pact their house seem to enjoy fully.

Expected Duties

Those pacted with the House of the Devoted servant are expected to act as diplomats between Shadowreaver College and other organisations and cultures. They are also expected to continue any liaisons between the Zaek Haqire and the College. Most importantly the House of the Devoted Servant expects its emissaries to act with dignity and diplomatic virtue before attempting the belligerence of the sword. To openly attack or act with hostility towards those who would have no malicious intent is an incredibly black mark upon the House and would lead to the expulsion of any pacted member.

Pacting to the House

When a person joins the Trayvarn Chapter they become pacted to the House of the Devoted Servant and are expected to follow its ethos. It is to this house that you will owe your duty in return for the strength and powers that they give you. With them you will perform many duties and see your power swell as the pact between you strengthen.

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