The Master of Temples

The Church runs on an elected Council of Four who deal with the running of the faith, whilst their authority is absolute their position is elected each year and when Dieron returns they will stand down without question.

Born in the late 1600’s in Rhygahrea Kastia came to the Royal basin at an early age as a refugee by Priests of Tiberius who were assisting in a Mandragoran incident along the Western borders. Despite the best efforts of the Church to find her parents they were unsuccessful and Kastia remained within the clergy. It was always unlikely that she would be anything other than a Priest but she took to the role of the Redeemer well, training with Battik himself who taught her much of the way of the Faith. She has not travelled into the field much but has gained a deep understanding of the running of the temples and the training of individuals in the faith. Few were surprised when she was appointed to this administrative position in 1832 where she has remained ever since.

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