Ever Living Hero of Naed

Born before the Gabrak Wars although she has never told us when, Katarina is quite literally a living legend with the weight of heroic action, wisdom and belief behind her. Now in her late 40’s Katarina Steelheart still cuts an impressive figure; in her day she inspired the nation with deeds too numerous to mention here and championed the common man. When Gabrak’s forces smashed into the capital it was Steelsong, Katarina’s blade, that met the invaders fury as the clergy of Naed fearlessly gave the citizenry time to escape.

She is related to Duke Jarmak Steelheart who now sits upon the ancestral Throne, she is married to Morris Thurlock, head of the Church of Naed. This legendary figure in Naedite history can be found throughout the history books and is considered to be immortal. Whenever she nears great age she vanishes on a pilgrimage in the name of The Invincible and returns a young maid of no more than 16. Currently she is married to Morris Thurlock and enjoying another great success as a hero of the people.

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