Everyman of Naed

Morris Thurlock was born 145 years ago on the vessel Junipers Wake. He was raised at sea, which is odd for a Zumatakan Eaölf, but his parents were fleeing in exile from allegations of assassination. These allegations were later disproved but Morris never knew his parents and they certainly never returned home, instead he was left aboard the Junipers Wake to be raised by Captain James Thurlock. Morris spent many years with the Captain learning the ways of the sea Merchant, unfortunately James was human and his adopted son was bound to outlive him. The vessel was bequeathed to the young Zumatakan and the crew stayed loyal, however the purpose and the name of the Junipers wake was to change forever.

Morris had for a long time watched the waterways and had become increasingly aware of a contingent of Pirates and Slavers operating around the Eastern coast of the basin. Morris despised and detested those that impeached on the liberty and freedom of the common people and decided it was his place to do something about this obscenity. The newly re-named and re-commissioned Crimson Knight began a 10-year campaign against the group that ended in Victory for Captain Thurlock but also destruction of the Crimson Knight. Morris was rescued by a Fishing Smack of grateful folk from the port towns that had been subject to the Pirate raids and returned safely to dry land. With the destruction of the vessel that had for so long been his home Morris decided to leave the sea and return to his homeland. He made it as far as the fair city of Vopanderan where he was instrumental in overthrowing a tyrannical governor who held the city in a grip of fear. There he joined the temple of Tremalian, the old God of Neutrality, working with and for the people, he earned himself a name for his selfless care and attention for the people of the land. After the Pantheonic war he slid easily to worship of Naed and upon his marriage to Katarina Steelheart he was nominated to lead, forming the council of the key and becoming an Everyman.

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