The Monarchy of the Royal Basin is served by various political and military wings that protect and serve the nobility, the merchants, and the small folk alike. There are also the guilds, the colleges and the churches who train independent forces that are ultimately responsible to the Crown. However, the chain of command requires these organisations to answer to Guild Heads, Generals and the like meaning that direct control of them is virtually impossible. It is well known The Crown has long employed a service of men and women that carry our dangerous and covert missions that answer only to the Throne and its most direct advisors. They are the Kings Recruitment Office; the KRO. This organisation has existed in one form or another, or so it is rumoured, since the inception of the Royal Basin as a legitimate form of government. Even during the time of the ill-conceived principals of the Empire, under Emperor Joshua the First, the organisation reformed as the IRO (Imperial Recruitment Office). Whether the legends are true or not the KRO are not to be trifled with, they are fearsome opponents and very few are invited to join the outfit.

The KRO operate alongside the Iron Table providing specific missions for the guildsfolk of the Basin and often acting alone. A Field Agent is a trainee officer who has been selected by their guild to train as a junior officer within their ranks. They undergo specialist training and direct their efforts to supporting, in the main, the needs of the Royal Basin and her direct allies. Whilst the KRO is feared and either trusted implicitly or considered to be dangerous due to their subversive nature, field Agents have limited contact with the KRO itself and ergo have little reputation to defend. They are often called upon to lead dangerous missions and are expected to slip into advisory or command roles, few however make it past the role of Field Agent. Promotion and advancement through the ranks comes with hard work and success and an ability to disregard what many would consider to be a moral compass. Only when one reaches the ranks beyond the Field Agent does one achieve the name that will protect them from the enemies that they gather in life.

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