The Colleges are a mass of Sourcerers, law masters and daemon hunters all of whom are required to spend a great deal of time in the field seeking the knowledge that they need to master their skills. Generally, they are skilled with the Sourcerous magics, but they have little ability with weapons and the very nature of the magics with which they work restricts their ability to use armour, shields, or blades. Despite this they continue their work in harm’s way and are generally oblivious to dangers that face them as they are often distracted by the power that they seek to control. Quite frequently this means that they need other people to protect them and who better than those that are equally learned in Sourcery.  Enforcers are generally but not always trained solely within the Colleges from an early age and whilst they may show a natural aptitude for magic they are usually equally as gifted with weaponry. Sometimes those with such skills are scooped up by the Colleges from other guilds and put to training but always with the same purpose: To fully integrate the arts of the warrior and the wizard with the intention of protecting those Sourcerers that travel in the field and to support the interests of the Colleges and of Source magic in general.

They are valued by those institutions and also by the Black and Iron Tables for their dedication and abilities whilst travelling on missions. To that end both tables dedicated both time and energy into the creation of a subdivision of the Colleges, supporting both Sourcerous and Vorokian elements with assistance from the Battered Shield and the Crimson Brotherhood. This merging of guilds has led to the Enforcers gaining a much wider range of abilities with which to serve and to protect the Sourcerous causes. Not only are they gaining an education in the combative arts, covering weapons, armour and shields but also hunting, tracking, urban and wilderness survival and a furtherment of their Sourcerous arts. This led, then, to the creation of the House of Black Iron which has been training Enforcers specifically for almost three centuries.   

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