The Shield of the College

The Mafic Chapter have trained for long years to master the arts learnt on the field of battle. Traditionally they are the defenders of the College, armed and armoured and resolute.

Body of Stone, Heart of Iron

Head of the Department of Defence – Coer Il

Born in 1990 to a small family in the village of Quent, Coer Il is the exemplar of ordered thought, routine and patient directed action. She was born to a father who pioneered the art of dirigible combat throughout its development in the 20th century PPW and his wife, a schoolteacher. Her parents did not remain together however and Coer was to be sent to a boarding school but was instead chosen by the College to learn and develop. Following in her father’s footsteps she has chosen a military career through the college. Once she had completed her training she worked her way through several off world campaigns in the name of the fundamental houses that she served before returning to the College and taking up the role of the head of department of defence. She is considered to be a fair but difficult commander; keeping strict regimen but equally rewarding those that work to the distinct parameters that she lays out before her.


The Mafic Chapter are the defenders of the College, attracting mainly the Keltar to their ranks but you will also find the occasional Grakarn calmly training in their arts. Mafic Chapter are tested continuously, working in teams that encourage the family feeling that the College relies upon to work as a seamless unit. They are trained to understand that the member of the College next to them is family and their life is shared with them. Azonte Brek attend the Chapter at all times teaching it’s members the passive powers and arts of their warriors and how to harness the power of their heart stones to enhance the incantations of the Chapter to create powerful protective effects. Few complete the training of the Mafic but those who do are fearsome folk to encounter and worthy of the respect of any of their foes.

Areas of Power


Tactical Awareness


Physical Prowess


Alongside the Code of the College we follow a specific list of Duties and general orders that keep us within the remit of the College:

  • Protection of the other member so of the College during the execution of their own duties.
  • Answering the call to Battle that the College of Controlling Power will put out during times of crisis.
  • To lead missions operated by guildsfolk from the various guilds should no other College Official be present.

Azonte Brek House of Kordred Mar

Lord of the House: Hokorok Igneousback

Owing Fealty to: The Crumbled House of Ancient Sands

Vassal Houses: The House of Jade Servants, the House of Sapphire Stares, The House of Opal Blades

Specialising in: Battle, Durability, Fortification, Defence

Enemies: The House of the Devoted Servant

House Symbology

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The house carries a Black Shield on a White background.


The House of Kordred Mar are the Battle Lords of the Crumbled house of Ancient Sands. They have fought in more or less every battle that has taken place under the Ancient Sands banner, masterminding every victory and learning from every defeat. The house is a house of tactics and strategies, warriors and engineers designed towards short battles and long standing sieges. The members of house Kordred Mar are a curious selection of individuals, they are, despite their profession, all soldiers; that is to say that they act like soldiers, they speak like soldiers and they respond like soldiers. They believe in unswerving loyalty to their lord and an overwhelming sense of duty to lay down their lives in the defence of their house, kingdom and each other.

Expected Duties

Pacted members of House Kordred Mar must be of a military mindset before they are allowed to join. When they do they become effectively extensions of the overall will and purpose of house Kordred Mar. They are honour bound by any oaths that they have taken and are expected to act with unswerving loyalty to their liege even laying down their lives for the cause to which they are loyal.

Pacting to the House

When a character joins the Mafic Chapter they become pacted to the House of Kordred Mar and are expected to follow its ethos. It is to this house that you will owe your duty in return for the strength and powers that they give you. With them you will perform many duties and see your power swell as the pact between you strengthen.

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