The Royal Basin is famous for many things and one of the better ones is leading the field with academians and skilled artisans. Engineers strive daily to build bigger and better Dirigibles, Alchemists toil to perfect recipes for Elixirs that will extend the lifespan of an individual whilst artificers tinker with magical devices that they claim could level cities. The demand is great and the Universities of places like Strabain take great pride and huge quantities of money in for the training of each person that joins Basanic society with the skills taught within its halls.

The generic term Specialist for this archetype covers a great many vocations of those that have mastered the Shaper’s art. The guild backgrounds cover a multitude of choices and direction for training that you may have received but here are some suggestions as to what you might call yourself or describe your job as:

Engineer: Designers and makers of engines, dirigibles and great ships. These people are well trained, well equipped and handy in most situations.

Alchemist: Potion brewers and transmuters of substances and materials from one thing to another. They are highly sought after by most guildic groups.

Crafter/Artisan: Carpenters, smiths and artists are all examples of crafters who are invaluable to life in a modern Royal Basin.

Artificer: Shapers of Magical items and relics, capable or working the strangest materials and channelling raw magic.

Starting Benefits

Choose Package from:

  • Crafting (Artisanry) and Crafting (Engineer)


  • Alchemist – Crafter (Alchemist) +1 free specialisation


  • Artificer – Crafter (Artifice)
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