Magic dominates the continent of Daer Akmir and is found in multitudinous amounts in the Royal Basin. Sourcery is represented by the Colleges of Controlling Power, Focus Magics is given life and facility by the Clergies of the Divine, The Wyld can be found in the Altars of the Tao, Psionics belong to the Institutes of Contemplation whilst the Weave is held by the Houses of the Mocking Bird Ladies and Lords. Various ruling tables hold the reigns of this power with the Black Table being the overall commandant of power to which these Users of Magic flock. To be a Caster is to belong to one of the Realms of power and represent what it stands for and to ensure that it is used correctly.

There are many names for those that use power in the Royal Basin and none of them are settle on lightly. However there are specific terms that follow the generalisation of the magics that can easily be used to define oneself:

Sourcerer: A practitioner of the Source, dealing with the corruption of the flesh and the magics of the Vorokian Worlds.

Disciple: A Faithful follower of the Divine, dealing with the purity of the soul and the magic or dogma of a Divine Being.

Foster: A Ritualist that follows the Wyld ways, dealing with the Spirit of a person and the power and wisdom of the Gillieabad.

Haruspex: A Psionicist that follows the pathways of the Astral Realm, dealing with the Mind and the endless battle against the White.

Weaver: A bard that follows the way of the Weave, dealing with the power and the strength of one’s tales and the very fabric of the world.

Starting Benefits

  • Cast Magic – Realm
  • Defiance
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