No matter what Nation you belong to or any other choices that you have made as a character, this step remains the same.

Fresh from the Academy (for brand new players!)

If you are not sure on what you want to be able to do as your character you may take the below package instead of building from a specific archetype. After 2 events have been played – you can book in with the team to properly build the character that you want based on what you enjoyed! (not a mandatory skill)

  • Pre-Requisites: Brand new to the system
  • Tier: New
  • EDV Cost: 25

A pre-built for players who wish to get to grips with the system before committing to a full character spend. A character will receive the following skills for their first 2 events and then can book in for a full character build.

  • Cast Magic (choose one realm) x1
  • Casting Enhancement x1
  • Backlash Enhancement x1
  • Defiance x1
  • Student of Medicine x1
  • Invigoration x1
  • Venator (choose urban or wilderness) x1
  • Lore Adept x1
  • Tactics x2
  • Disarm x1
  • Knockback x1
  • Wound Level x2

Starting Skills

Each character begins with exactly the same selection of abilities before moving on to specialise themselves. If you have selected Fresh from the Academy, then you also receive these Starting Skills.

  • 3 HITS
  • The ability to utilise simple Armour, Simple Weapons and Simple Shields
  • One political vote per quarter
  • A Gain of 80 Shields per Quarterly Downtime: This will be deposited in your characters Orsai Bank Account at the start of each month.
  • The ability to perform 1 downtime action per quarter
  • Any standard equipment that you can phys rep
  • 20 Endeavour

Archetypes and Bonuses

There are many different Archetypes which configure to the training that you have received in your training days and vary per Nation. This represents your learning but does not define you, you can be a soldier and call yourself a mercenary, bandit king or duellist, we don’t mind. Archetypes work down through the basic skills of a loose “class” and will be linkable back to your Training Choices for background and interest.

They start with identical Endeavour’s worth of skills which stack on top of your starting MAX BUYS later.

Archetypes of the Royal Basin

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