As a Character Creation Step, you do not have to submit this section immediately; the system is more than happy for you to give us background and things that you would ideally like to aim for at any point of your career.

Here are some ideas to give you guidance and perhaps why we are looking for this information. These ideas are not set in stone and are designed to give you some ideas, feel free to throw what you want at us. We will let you know what has definitely not stuck and what probably has.

What are we looking for in Background?

Whatever you can think of is the short answer to that question but as a good set of guidelines, the following questions make for an excellent outline:

  • Where you come from and who you were before you were a Guilder?
  • What drove you to become a Guilder?
  • Are your family alive?
  • Who did you grow up with and where are they now?
  • What was your relationship with them like?
  • How much do they know about you?
  • Did you have any enemies growing up?
  • Are they still alive?

Why are we looking for this?

Because it is important to us. It is why we are running the game and exactly what we would want as players. We can tailor our story to you and your development, allowing us to build your DPC’s of the past and send you images of who will be playing them so that when you might bump into them. It is all about building the world around the story and you, our players. This is always our goal.

What are we looking for in Set Goals?

Basically the goals that define where you would like to try and take your character from now and forever. Don’t worry about what pops into your head, we will try and make as much as possible doable.

The following guidelines are useful:

  • Your goals can be as big or small as you like
  • An idea of how you believe you can achieve them would also be of use to us.
  • These plans can change whenever you want but an update to the system is always appreciated.
  • The fluff of the Website is always a good place to look for inspiration in this and Background writing.

Step Five: Archetypes and Starting Skills

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