Since there has been a land to protect, the Royal Basin has produced the soldiery to stand under its banner and walk its borders. Since there have been nobility they have raised armies for war. Since there has been religion its Priests have trained warriors to fight or their deity. Since there were Sourcerers the Colleges have created enforcers to protect them. Since the world was imperilled the people of the South have stood in its defence. They have marched across the continent to protect the lives of citizens of Daer Akmir. The soldiery of the Royal Basin is feared beyond measure, this nation has known nothing but war since its inception and they have become damn good at it.

The generic term Soldier for this archetype covers a great many vocations of those that take up arms either for money or to defend a noble cause. The guild backgrounds cover a multitude of backgrounds and direction for training that you may have received but here are some suggestions as to what you might call yourself or describe your job as:

Soldier: Drawing pay from a noble or the crown directly either as a standing part of the Basanic Armed Forces, a noble’s levy or a privately funded merchant’s army.

Mercenary: The classic sword for hire, guild trained and entering the world for adventure and fortune.

Holy Warrior: A Champion of a Deity that fights for the beliefs and dogma of their Priesthood and their faith.

Bodyguard or Bravo: A one on one personal defender of a rich client who is willing to put their life on the line for another in return for cold, hard cash.

Starting Benefits

  • Tactics 1 
  • Wound Level 
  • Forceful Blow
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